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geozero -> Let player select starting position (10/21/2018 3:25:44 PM)

Is there a way in the Editor (I'm making a new scenario) that lets the players select their starting positions/deployment of units on a map?

Ideally I would want Player 1 to select their starting positions based on unit list, and then allow Player 2 to setup.

OR, should I just create reinforcements based on a given map area location and units, and let the player setup most or all units as if they were reinforcements.

My reasoning for this is to allow each game some randomness based on player interaction.

rhinobones -> RE: Let player select starting position (10/22/2018 12:42:51 AM)

The answer is, yes. Iíve done it before.

What you need to do is build multiple formations which either deploy randomly or can be selected for deployment using event functions. In any one game a few formations will be deployed, but most will be inactive. As an example, if you build 20 formations maybe only 5 will be randomly deployed. This applies to both Cheyenne vs AI and PMB games.
The idea is to build a military problem. The problem changes with each booting of the scenario.

The trick to this is using the event function to define units involved and the possibility they will deploy. You will have to build a large number of formations, place their entry point on the map and adjust the event possibility that they may/or may not deploy. As an added bonus, objective rewards/points can be given to the occupying force.
Understanding the writing, and function, of event is crucial.

If the scenario is intended to be Cheyenne against AI, then the AI formations need to have objective tracks assigned. This adds another level of event complexity especially if objective tracks are randomized and attack/defend options are added.
Be prepared to write a lot of events.

Regards RhinoBones

sPzAbt653 -> RE: Let player select starting position (10/22/2018 4:26:16 AM)

You might also start the scenario in a 'Cease Fire' for however many turns is necessary to give both sides a reasonable response time.

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