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steevodeevo -> Baffled by Japan Amphibious Combat: SC-Global Conflict-Gold (10/11/2018 9:33:23 AM)

Hi folks,

I wonder if anyone could enlighten me?

For starters, I'm fairly experienced in the SC series and have played all of the titles thoroughly except SC-WW2 In Europe-Gold given I have SCII-WW2 In Europe.

My problem: I've read the manual cover to cover and hunted the forums and on line, however I can't seem to find a way for my amphibious landing craft to beach their units on the Pacific Islands or indeed anywhere on the SE Asian peninsula. I had to grind overland through the Chinese trenches to Nanning and on to Hanoi in order to open the port of Hanoi so I could fast move units by sea to continue the drive West. I also had to sit outside Hong Kong, adjacent to their garrison, despite being nominally at war with the British but was unable to attack till Spring 43.

Also, so far, I can't land amphibious units at all in Thailand, Burma, the Islands of Borneo, Philippines etc up till July 1943. I'm yet to try assaulting the Island following the US aggression trigger commencing in the Pacific in 43, however I have my hands full now!

This means I was not able to engage with the USA early before they were fully mobilised and prior to them engaging with me pro-actively in the Spring of 1943. I was therefore unable to steal their territory or, more importantly, surprise attack Hawaii early. I actually sailed my entire Pacific fleet to Hawaii and was able to sail round and round the Island looking at their ships and troops with neither able to engage. For me, what was strange, is that whilst I was at war with Britain and the US, I am sure I saw a message pop up in 43 that they (US & UK) had declared war on me, at which point Hong Kong opened up and the US Fleet began attacking. It seemed till that point I had a one sided declaration of war?

BTW, I am using amphibious transports not just ship transports :)

Help gratefully appreciated! [&:][&o]

Hubert Cater -> RE: Baffled by Japan Amphibious Combat: SC-Global Conflict-Gold (10/12/2018 12:54:21 PM)

Hi Steevodeevo,

Did you declare war against the territories in question before trying to unload your troops from amphibious transports?


steevodeevo -> RE: Baffled by Japan Amphibious Combat: SC-Global Conflict-Gold (10/13/2018 11:53:49 AM)

Hmm, I thought I had. I became aware of the requirement to declare war against the territories as well as the majors whiulst I was playing but I can't be certain I did this early enough in this case. Let me check.
Thanks for the feedback I will report back.

steevodeevo -> RE: Baffled by Japan Amphibious Combat: SC-Global Conflict-Gold (10/15/2018 9:31:25 PM)

OK worked out what I was doing wrong.

On the War Map I was declaring war on the country by clicking on it however I wasn't noticing that each of the Axis powers has its own icon to declare war independently. Hence as teh default selects Germany, I was clicking on each territory, declaring war with Germany, hence the Japanese could't land.

This seems oblivious and arguably intuitive in retrospect, but I've been playing SC for donkeys years and never noticed this before. No idea how it hasn't caught me out previously, perhaps scenario selection?

One suggestion, other than me not being a bit thick, would be to default the war map nation select to blank, so you have to pro-actively select which nation to declare war with rather than have a nation as a default.

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