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Calaf -> Fuel at MAIN depot (10/10/2018 4:54:24 PM)

What regulates the amount of fuel/oil that arrives at the MAIN depot(s)? I ask because my pipeline to AGN is all green, and my FSD is up and running, but no fuel arrives. There's no fuel at the main depot...Cannot find an answer in the manual...

lancer -> RE: Fuel at MAIN depot (10/11/2018 5:48:02 AM)

Hi Calaf,

It's a hard coded amount based on historical data but it can be affected by a wide range of decisions.

If you suspect there is no fuel at the main depot I'd take a look at your reports that deal with fuel and see what they are saying.

You indicate that most things are green on the map. See if anything isn't. There is the main depot, the FSB, the HQ/s and the train and truck links.

Happy to help but I'll need more info.


Calaf -> RE: Fuel at MAIN depot (10/11/2018 4:57:04 PM)

Thanks Cameron! It's quite complicated to predict what colour the trains/lorries will have next turn; so many factors influencing it - relationships, runners etc. etc. Oh well. Great - deep! - game anyhow. One really really hopes this system will see new installments in the future!

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