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DicedT -> Returning to WITW (9/27/2018 5:29:54 PM)

Returning to WITW after three years. Trying to catch up with the latest version, and trying to remember all the little tips and tricks I used to know.

So, a few questions:

* How does weather impact recon altitude? Do I need to send the recon planes lower than 36,000 feet if the weather isn't clear?

* HI, Manpower and Oil gives strat bombing victory points? But I seem to remember that Railyards are the best strat bombing target because they paralyze the German economy?

* What's the best way to have one mission follow the flight path of another mission (thinking Air Superiority accompanying Bombing Mission)? Put them under the same command and use the same staging base?

* Any tricks for maximizing Amphibious and Airborne prep points, and minimizing prep time?


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