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Lobster -> Editing Unit Colors (9/19/2018 4:54:08 PM)

If I edit unit colors does the game pick up the changes? For instance, if I make all of the colors in one column the same will the game also see them as all the same or will it ignore my changes and see them as they were before I edited them?

sPzAbt653 -> RE: Editing Unit Colors (9/20/2018 2:28:59 AM)


will the game also see them

Well, of course the game doesn't 'see' anything, it has no eyes [:'(]

I don't know exactly how it reads the color chart, but I would guess it is something similar to what is shown below. I've only numbered the top and bottom ones, but you get the idea. So I would guess that it reads each five unit column as one input, and then the five inner colors of each column as another. It would be interesting to know exactly how the chart is read.


Lobster -> RE: Editing Unit Colors (9/20/2018 3:40:42 AM)

I was just wondering if it read the data in the .col file. But it does and does not depending on what the information is used for. Which makes me wonder what is going on? If I can generate a .col file that shows the recolored icons why can't the game read the same file and use that to decide the formation support level? Why does it have to be written in stone and follow the original colors to decide formation support level?

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