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Memnon -> New Counter Graphics (9/18/2018 3:53:02 AM)

Hi there.

I put together new counter graphics for anyone that may be interested.

It seems like most people that will see this know where they go and what to do, but if not, then...first make a copy of your counters folder located within the graphics folder. Then unzip and place the counters folder to your graphics folder.

Memnon -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/18/2018 3:55:08 AM)

Preview of land units...


Memnon -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/18/2018 11:01:36 AM)

Preview of leaders...


Memnon -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/18/2018 11:28:53 AM)

Preview of naval units...


pzgndr -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/18/2018 3:12:15 PM)

Thank you! MartNick did something like this several years ago but the links are old and his work is no longer available. Unless someone still has a copy and can post them. Regardless, new counter graphics are good!

Daniel Amieiro -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/19/2018 6:08:59 AM)

These are nice.
Please, check the EIH mod. I have added a lot of leader counters and units. Perhaps some of these could be useful.

Daniel Amieiro -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/19/2018 12:55:00 PM)

On the other hand, could you upload the "basis" for making the counters? (each component: flag, ship, etc) I would like to use these for making extra leaders and things like that :)

Memnon -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/19/2018 4:47:09 PM)

Hi pzgndr, thanks for keeping the game updated.

I don't have any of the MartNick files but looking at the images in his thread, I like the idea of a separate cavalry flag for cavalry units.

Memnon -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/19/2018 5:05:38 PM)

Hi Daniel,

I don't mind adding any units/leaders you might want, I had already downloaded your mod and intended on adding the additional leader counters at some point.

I will also probably do different color variants (the original game counter colors, the original cpu game counter colors.)

So if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

Asid -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/20/2018 2:42:23 PM)

Thank you for all your hard work Memnon.

I look forward to the mod.


Daniel Amieiro -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/21/2018 9:15:22 AM)

Hi Memnon.

Well, I would recommend to make chits of EIH potential units (like bazibozuks). I have marked the most interesting in the EIH mod.
Sadly, the game engine doesn't allow too many units and garrisons are taken as a unit, so in my EIH mod, when there are over 100 garrisons on map, the game doesn't allow more garrisons. So i have to wait if devs increases these number or to "cut" many units and generals :)

I have asked for the basis (backgrounds and leaders) as a tool for making mods. But better if you do the job (far better than me) :)

Daniel Amieiro -> RE: New Counter Graphics (9/21/2018 9:17:54 AM)

On the other hand, the main map and the EIA map and the interface have a big chance of improvement. I have really nice units and the board and the interface doesn't mix well (it looks obsolete) :D

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