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Bolko -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/20/2018 1:32:05 AM)


So who else wants to teach me a lesson. I prefer to play the Axis with no Uber-Diplomacy

MrLongleg -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/20/2018 4:01:56 AM)



Well, my ass was handed to me again!

I just resigned in my game with Irish Guards.

Bolko (Axis) Irish Guards (Allies) Axis resign around Jan 1941.

I'm starting to learn what mistakes not to make. Who knows how many new types of friction will be taught to me.

Now you understand how nice I have been to you ;-)

Bolko -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/20/2018 10:48:57 PM)

I just got a game with Rannug61

Bolko (Axis) vs Rannug61 (Allies)
House Rule: no uber-diplo

Dmondragon75 -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/22/2018 12:43:09 PM)

Fafnir(axis) vs Dmondragon75 started

Bolko -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/23/2018 12:14:24 AM)

New Match between Bolko and Ktonos

Bolko (Axis) Ktonos (Allies)
House Rule: No Uber-diplomacy

Ktonos -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/23/2018 3:33:31 PM)

Tourney match ended

BPNisBACK (Axis) vs Ktonos (Allies), Allied victory July 1944

Many thanks to BPNisBACK for staying and keeping a steady turn flow to the end

BPINisBACK -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/23/2018 5:33:43 PM)

As Ktonos said i was defeated after tons of suffering trying to hold the line againts the soviets.
A very "strange" game were Algeria holds Axis until 1943 were the Spaniards (who join the war after Russia enters at war) conquered the Capital.
Very, very strange game. Axis never could enter deep in Russia. Even no key cities were conquered (Kiev, etc.)
But Axis defeated many landinds of WA in Spain (large battle there), Italy (it was the Russians who conquer Rome), France, north of Germany...
Really exciting game!
At the end, the soviets enter in Germany from the south (Poland was well defended) and... this is the end... ;)
I'm am UP for a new game, BTW!


PJL1973 -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/23/2018 9:14:57 PM)

I notice that my game against Rannug has been added to the results, even though I have said I would like the result taken out of the competition. Can you please do this? If not, then I would like all my games taken out of the competition and I will permanently withdraw from the tournament. Alternatively you should only include games that have been confirmed as completed via the PBEM server.

Ktonos -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/24/2018 12:32:08 AM)

Not cool demanding such a thing.

So anyone who is losing a game can just ask for his game to not count? And if he is rejected then he just stops playing so the game isn't finished?

Not cool in my opinion.

Bolko -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/24/2018 5:44:44 PM)

Hey, BPINisBACK I have a question, when did Germany declare war on Russia in your game with Ktonos?

Also, which side brought in Sweden?

Bolko -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/24/2018 6:05:10 PM)

Hey everybody, I think Noah (the person running the tourney) may still be traveling. Let's wait for him to weigh in on the game between Rannug and PLJ1973. No one is a bad guy here. And none of us can be sure about all the details on a game we weren't playing and e-mails we weren't a party to. [sm=00000924.gif]
And let's all remember how easy it is for written messages to seem angrier or more strident than they are meant to be.

BPINisBACK -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/24/2018 7:26:30 PM)



Hey, BPINisBACK I have a question, when did Germany declare war on Russia in your game with Ktonos?

Also, which side brought in Sweden?

I DOW on Russia in late septiembre. Sadly, weather was muddy and i couldnt use my luftwaffe properly. I was trying in the previous turns to conquer Tunnis.
That's the main reason of my delayment. Russian readinnes was quite low during 1941... I thought that i could handle It... But, i was mistake.
Sweden became allied in the latest turns if the game. It has no real effect in the game.

Jeff_Ahl -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/26/2018 9:55:04 PM)

Dmondragon75 crushed me like a bug in turn 74.

Jeff_Ahl -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/26/2018 10:02:53 PM)

Now that the game with Dmondragon75 is over I can start a new game where I am Axis and the opponent is Allies. All ready has a game with Markiss where I am Allies, so I do not wanna start another with Allies right now. Some one up for it?

Taxman66 -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/26/2018 10:34:59 PM)

Taxman (Axis) Victory over Markiss (Allied), Sept 1942.

Dmondragon75 -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/27/2018 12:40:29 AM)

No worries, in few games you ll be at my lvl. To get where Sugar is with tactics is quite difficult😎

Markiss -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/27/2018 1:23:23 AM)

I've been fleeced by Taxman! Thanks for the game, I learned alot.

Ktonos -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/27/2018 6:51:04 PM)

There is a potential problem in one of my tourney games.
My opponent and I exchanged turns at the rate of 1-4 per day until turn 108. Then at the same turn I took Moscow and Leningrad (I am axis). Since then 12 days passed and he hasnít finished a single turn. The game currently being saved by him (appears in italics in my game list).
Day before yesterday (10 days after no turns from him), I send a PM to my opponent enquiring about the delay. Opponent logged in a bit later, but did not respond.

General situation in game is:
1. A western allied invasion is cornered in Brest, kept in check by much superior axis forces in France. Allies have air superiority over France, Axis has 9-10 land units close to the beachhead, Allies 4-5.
2. Moscow, Leningrad, Cairo in Axis hands, Spain is Axis. South Soviet front is 3-4 hexes close to Rostov and Voronez
3. Axis has advanced to Iraq, Rommel is in Baghdad and front vs US forces is established a few hexes from there.
4. During my last turn I checked unit counts, and if I remember correctly German land units are double or at least very close to double the Soviet land unit count. UK units must be around 20, US less than that.

Game ID is 124921. Turn number is 109 (30 October 1942)

So there is an obvious problem there. Opponent, not responding to pms, neither playing nor resigning.

LLv34Mika -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/27/2018 9:21:33 PM)

There can always be a special reason to see such a delay. Technical problems, family life, job, holiday,...
Of course it would be nice to let your opponent know what happened and I understand that the timing is not the best.

On the other hand... he still has Stalingrad, the US is in Iraq (not sure how strong) and the allies have air superiority and a beachhead. Even if you push them back into the ocean there is still a permanent threat that will force you to have some forces in the West. The other thing is the date... October 42. Winter is coming. Will be hard to advance towards Stalingrad before next summer. And your opponent could always rebuild some cheap units that were destroyed.

So if you ask me losing Moscow and Leningrad is always a problem but the situation is not desperate. Even if he loses Stalingrad you still have to get back air superiority before you could start a final attack on London. And until then there is still the chance for the allies to take back one of the key cities. Actually that is a very tempting situation to play so personally I would see no reason to give up at this moment.

I volunteered as "referee" in our first tournament since this whole tournament thing was my idea. Unfortunately I don't have the time to keep it running like nnason or KorutZelva (in the first tournament).

I'd say you drop another PM... kindly asking to tell you when a new turn might be expected. I don't want to make any accusations without know what happened (IF something happened). We even have to live with players losing interest in a game. Would be nice to get a message or just give up instead of not responding anymore but as said before... many things can happen.

Wait a few more days. If the game goes on you have an interesting situation, if not you are the winner anyway.
Good luck!

and many thanx for keeping emotions out of all this. That really helps.

Bolko -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/28/2018 6:49:11 AM)

I just threw in the towel in my game against Ktonos October 1940.

Axis (Bolko), Allies (Ktonos)

The first thing I noticed about Ktonos is that he is a very aggressive player.

I slow walked the attack against the West attacking the Netherlands and waiting for Belgium to declare on the Allied turn in order to delay Italian entry. Ktonos pursued the Dial Plan and marched right into Belgium with the French and Brits. By October I was just about to take Paris and the Italian fleet was mostly destroyed. I delayed Italian entry to get AA on all my ships since in the last game an opponent sailed right in and sunk them with carrier planes. This game Ktonos waited until late summer and used the French fleet.

If the allies are going to make a concerted effort, the Italian fleet is toast. So I guess the only other thing I can think of is to be more aggressive with the German fleet and u-boat raiding to draw them away from the Italians. But as of yet I have been mostly slaughtered at sea.

Anyway, if France hasn't fallen by the first inclement weather its time for this Axis player to concede. Once I get some more experience I look forward playing Ktonos again! Good game for me. Learned a lot.

Markiss -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/28/2018 1:49:04 PM)

Have you tried just keeping the Italians in port? Ships are much harder to damage that way, I have found, as any naval gunnery usually goes against the port, not against the ship. Also, by the time the Italians are active, France is usually only a turn or two from falling anyway. I am not sure why they are lasting until fall, but I think you need to be a little more aggressive on that front. The early part of this game is about keeping the allies off balance, responding to crisis after crisis. If you give them room to breath, they will cause mischief and upset your timing.

Taxman66 -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/28/2018 2:32:06 PM)

Its part of the price to pay when yoy let Belgium join the Allies instead of attacking them. The benefit is reduced Soviet and US mobilization.

Ktonos -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/28/2018 2:37:19 PM)

Two Tourney matches ended

Bolko (Axis) vs Ktonos (Allies), Allied victory October 1940

IrishGuards (Allies) vs Ktonos (Axis), Axis victory October 1942

Regarding the first, I want to also thank Bolko for the game. I was aggressive with UK air & carriers and counterattacks in France but didn't move into Belgium, I just reinforced it's armies. I just think that to advance through France in general you need to breech the Allied line in one place and pour the armor from there rather than pushing the whole front back step by step.
Markiss the ports in the Adriatic are not enough to house the Italian fleet. If UK and French fleet coordinate they can destroy everything in sea while the 3 u boats (2 uk 1 french) can seriously harass the BBs in port. But nothing is written in stone ofcourse.

Regarding the 2nd game, delay was a misunderstanding. IG couldn't resign the game (known bug that greys out the X button next to the game. I was pm'ed today with his intention of resigning.

Bolko -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/28/2018 7:07:19 PM)

Indeed yes, I keep them all at the top of the Adriatic. I agree that my big mistake was to not take out Belgium immediately. Well ... ONE of my big mistakes.

Dorky8 -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/28/2018 9:38:21 PM)

Maritime bombers and speed boats are cheap. If you buy them early the Allies might be trapped in the Adriatic.


Taxman66 -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/28/2018 9:38:32 PM)

Other things to protect the Italian fleet:
Station the IT air to counter attack/protect it.
Move GE air assets to help if they are not needed in France.
Build the GE & IT Maritime bomber to counter attack as well.

If all the UK CVs are in the Med, perhaps the German fleet can sortie out to hit and run vs. Destroyers.

Ktonos -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/28/2018 9:49:12 PM)

3 UK CVs were in France for air superiority, 1 was in Africa. Mostly used the French fleet with some UK ships backing them up. The whole issue was that France held too many months, so its fleet was around for more time than usual.If France surrendered a couple of turns after Italian entry using the French fleet vs the Italian fleet wouldn't be a thing.

Dorky8 -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/28/2018 9:53:58 PM)

Yes he should have attacked Belgium and conquered France earlier, we understand that. The question is how do you prevent an overly aggressive Allied Navy around Italy.

Ktonos -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/29/2018 4:40:06 PM)

Jeff_Ahl (Axis) vs Ktonos (Allies) started

I doubt the Allies can afford to be overly aggressive around Italy with the British navy only. I only seen this using the French fleet not the British one. If British fleet is used its an immense risk for the Allies.

Markiss -> RE: OFFICIAL Strategic Cmd ELO Tourney (10/30/2018 12:44:56 PM)

I've been mauled by the Swedish Tiger!!! Markiss(allies) vs Rannug(Axis) won by Rannug, May 30th, 1945.
Rannug, your skill and honor embarrasses me.
I am up for another game, if anyone is interested. I have another game going as Axis, would prefer to play allies in the next one.

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