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geoff0603 -> EiA V2.22.02 (9/11/2018 10:49:21 AM)

I downloaded and installed latest version of EiA. Have played a number of games with myself as the Human player and the rest as AI and am currently playing using Human for all 7 sides.
1) The menu buttons along the top are no longer 'aligned' with the game functions.
Of the 10 buttons the first 5 perform as they should then
Button 6 - Should be 'Show Full Unit Report' but display Victory Condition
Button 7 - Should be 'Show Prisoners Held' but shows Diplomatic Relations
Button 8 - Should be 'Show Current Surrender Settings' but shows Poticial Standings
Button 9 - Should be 'Show Diplomatic Standings' but shows Victory Point Status
Button 10 – Should be ‘Show Political Status’ but does nothing apart from saying Action Cancelled in the msg box.
2) Transport Fleets. (Alternate Campaign Scenario)
Playing the Alt Campaign. The rule book (8.1.3) says there is no limit to the number of Transport ships but Prussia is only allowed 5. Also no matter what I do I cannot load any size of corps (even one with only 1 Inf) onto a Prussian Trasnport fleet
3) Naval Movement – picks up prior nations unit.
Also when playing solitaire but with Human rather than AI, in the naval phase the game moves the last naval unit from the previous nation to the area you next click on if you omit to select a new naval unit from the phasing nation.


pzgndr -> RE: EiA V2.22.02 (9/11/2018 4:01:44 PM)

Geoff, welcome. Are you seeing all 14 top menu buttons or something else? I suspect a problem with your installation.

For 8.1.3, there are EIH limits so the game manual needs a correction. And I'll investigate the Prussian transport fleet problem.

For naval movement, nobody else has seen this? Again, I suspect a problem with your installation. I recommend a clean install. Delete old install and reboot. Install original game, verify WinXP SP2 compatibility, and reboot. Install v1.22.02 update and then apply the hotfix. Hopefully that resolves things.


Kai -> RE: EiA V2.22.02 (9/23/2018 2:45:07 AM)

I am having the same button issue. New install. update and Hotfix applied. WinXP SP2 compatibility.

The last 4 buttons don't appear at all.

pzgndr -> RE: EiA V2.22.02 (9/24/2018 12:17:42 PM)

I know it's a pain, but what I've had to do for my own installs is what I've described. One other thing to consider is to start the game after the initial install, exit, reboot(!), and then install the patch and hotfix. There's something about the new Matrix installers being different than the original Matrix installers that causes a problem? Also, there was a significant game data file change introduced back in v1.06 or something, so it's important to reboot to reset things before applying the patch. I complained to Matrix about it but there's nothing they can do. Sorry. Hopefully this helps. Others may have similar or slightly different techniques they've used to get the game running correctly. Good news is that once installed correctly it seems to run fine, except for a couple of occasional glitches here and there.

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