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dyrn -> Opponent(s) wanted (9/9/2018 12:17:49 PM)


I am looking for opponents to a Global War game. I do have some experience but have never had the opportunity to finish a game. Consider me as intermediate or experienced beginner. I usually play Axis (prefer JP/IT) and would like to follow those countries through to the end.

I have no experience with head-to-head and somehow Netplay doesnt work. One or more opponents must therefore be able to control the game progress.

I am situated in GMT +1 and will be able to play most evenings from around 7-11PM (GMT +1).

Best regards

Tjalfe -> RE: Opponent(s) wanted (9/20/2018 11:35:37 AM)


If you are interested i am the same timezone as you, but I can only offer limited availability for play.

I can play either side.


PeteGarnett -> RE: Opponent(s) wanted (9/21/2018 3:37:59 PM)

Did you get a game started? I'm in the UK and free several evenings a week. Played a lot using skype & teamviewer.

DMcCooey206 -> RE: Opponent(s) wanted (10/1/2018 2:40:10 AM)

Did a game get started?

We have a group that is looking for MWIF players. We play PBEM style, uploading moves to our Discord group. Looking for players who prefer a quicker rather than slower game pace

Let me know if you want in

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