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Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 7:26:36 AM)

at NORTH sea naval battles are every turn; what i do is put German-subs in the lines convoys for norwen and british DDs approach to sink them and with my German navy waiting for the DDs

you have to take advantage of agressiveness of the IA


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 7:36:40 AM)

finally Paris on German control at the same time Belgium has been taken and now i will destroy brits units and declare war on Holland once Bordeaux will be taken by air-power and panzers

The objetive of France is to form Vichy always as soon as possible to prepare the invasion of URSS


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 7:46:33 AM)

Bordeaux has been taken and Vichy formed on this turn; later on i will conquered Vichy on the road to Spain once Sweden is on Axis side


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 9:20:53 AM)

Italians at Afrika are holding Tobruk (send another army to Lybia by transport); the Italian fleet has began to fight against the Royal navy with success

once Vichy is formed Rommel (cost 400 mpps by event) is about to enter at war to conquer Egypt for the italians

Now Holland is about to fall..


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 10:03:54 AM)

Holland conquered now Yugoeslavia is waiting; English pro-cup may event


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 10:06:17 AM)

The royal Navy at mediterranean is sufering many Losses; the ports That the Italian have give italians protection; to battle around Malta its what Italians have to do

Tobruk is besieged by 7 armored


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 12:00:05 PM)

The Afrika corps arrived; then i will to overpass if posible and go direct to EL ALEMAIN to caught the brits fortifications

Finally the navy battles at Mediterranean ends Italian BBs did well this time, none of Italian ship where lost


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 12:09:40 PM)

Finally Yugoeslavia join allys so i had to expend many Mpps to deploy units and conquered next turn in a blitzkrieg move


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 12:12:49 PM)

at the same time on Russia Front everything is ready To Take lenningrad to take control the north flank of barbarossa

all the planes are ready to smash the BALTIC states


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 12:17:53 PM)

Rommel is ready to advance while the brits are retreated but i will try to cut his back moves with the superiority movements that Rommel has with ariete-Tanks and mechanized Italians units make a Blitz-move towards Alexandria

First far moves as possible and second; try to avoid fights, just run to alexandria


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 1:24:05 PM)

Yugoeslavia ends his resistance; and German controls his capital; Greek can not be taken now because Barbarossa Must start as soon as posible in order to rich Lennigrad before winter (Hungría, Romania and Bulgaria join axis by events)

The strategy for Barbarossa is not getting too far in front to Moskow, the main point is leningrad and to take Ukranie and not going far deep into Russsia because i need 3-4 units to deploy at Denmark to start the invasion of Sweden once the airplanes are ready BACK from lenningrad


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 1:42:55 PM)

The 7 armored is encircle while the IA did not retreat with sucess so i will destroy and reach the fortifications at EL ALEMAIN

But massive BRITS-transports from great Britain are coming from the route Ahtlantic-Red sea and better this time destroy the fortifications slowly


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 3:34:31 PM)

Rommel at EL ALEMAIN; fortifications captured¡ next objetive will be Alexandria but i have to wait to the Italian infantry because El Cairo will be taken by Italia to improve the mpps

Brits transports are coming but i will have time


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 3:35:44 PM)

and Barbarossa Began on May..; now; research will be focuses in infantry to get level 2 also invest in spying that helps so in logistics


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 3:52:51 PM)

Alexandria is captured; once Egypt is taking by Italians so will be Jerusalem and Jordania, then Arabia all by the Italians (including Greek later on) so Mpps will be enough for Italians to increase productions

a second PANZER unit has arrive because transports are coming from ENGLAND


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 4:01:52 PM)

The situation at Russian front is slowly at Ukrania but Tallin is about To be taking at North flank; the city of Tallin is important; the IA Knows and will try to put as many units she can

The center do not care for the moment; what i want is the CANNAE Battle; Flanks strong but center Holding while the flanks expanded


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 4:29:01 PM)

El Cairo by Italians rules¡

Now there are 6 infantry-brits units with entrenchment (the south also with units); must take care; ; the british air power is stong and until panzers IV is going to be hard to get rid of these brits units


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 4:35:28 PM)

The situation on Barbarossa SOUTH FLANK is normal; Kiev is about to fall and then I WILL STAY and make a Line at DNEPR RIVER almost until 1943 without air power attack. only defend with fighthers


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 4:45:52 PM)

At Flank North of Barbarossa things are going well

also i purchase KLUGE HQ and deployed finally at DENMARK so now i will withdraw a mechanized unit and infantry unit and a panzer unit to Denmark with all the airpower i can; and conquer Sweden


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 4:50:41 PM)

one thing i have to say…

FINLAND did not join Axis as an event promise (the event told that once declare war on Russia Finland will join) i will try diplomacy sometimes to join axis

Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 5:01:01 PM)

At France things are preparing (the wall)

Engeeners are working first to fortifcate Caen which will be defended by Germans

then also i will fortifcate Nantes which will be defended by Italians

i know is impossible to defend BREST so i will let the Americans take which is part of my plan to surrender USA and Canada


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 6:05:21 PM)

so we are now at July 1942 the winter has passed and soviet Union is really strong what i have to do is hold the Flanks of Barbarrossa

German is also strong; infantry units weapons are level 2 and panzer units are level 2 also

so the invasion of Sweeden has began with all the air power

Graf zepellin is also purchase


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 6:09:58 PM)

The south Flank of Barbarossa is the line DNEPR RIVER and must hold until late 1943 and probably 1944, my units are well entrencment

the purchase German units goes well, German gets about 820 Mpps each turn so infantry cost now 313 mpps with movement


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 6:16:10 PM)

Rommel has problems but now with panzers at level-2 broke the brits-infantry and now jerusalem is open which will give the key to conquer Siria, Arabia, Jordania Irak and Iran

German Lost the flak 8.8 but these infantry units are hard to defeat


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 6:27:17 PM)

At Normandy the wall is almost done

Kriegsmarine has taken control of the Channel waiting for the Italian fleet and also waiting for the USA fleet i have 7 submarines

USA enter the war and is planning and amphibiuos and transports as well

The German navy is waiting to sink BBs but not at all the transports -units, only some

The plan is let the USA take Brest and let USA have may troops in ENGLAND positioned

Brest will be defend by Italians as nantes too; but i expected USA take the control of Brest; ally airpower will give Brest to USA and Cherbourg to England


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 6:33:55 PM)

and here is USA¡

waiting for his plans...


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 6:44:06 PM)

Sweden Surrenders which will give more Mpps for the turn

Now i will transport by operational (first by sea on transports to Germany) the units on Sweden to France as well the airplanes to conquer Vichy and Spain (Gibraltar is a must) and relieves the Italian fleet to defend France


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 6:50:13 PM)

France is well defended (engeeners still working) by conquering Countries which gives lost of mpps by surrender and each turn


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 6:53:29 PM)

Rommel victorius¡

at last Jerusalem on italians hands; next step siria for Germans; Arabia and Jordania for italians


Veloz -> RE: HOW the Axis could WON (11/18/2018 7:13:30 PM)

Vichy is about to take in the road to Spain; finally USA ships arrived To Channel

Let the transports unload at britain suppose that less troops in America land

but the USA-IA is not stupid and is building more ships and transffering USA fleet-pacific on whasington

so The IA knows my plans of not sinking to many transports coming to Britain so my subs will focuses on BBs and German ships on DDs


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