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cfulbright -> Optimal Number of Planes in a Recon AD? (8/31/2018 8:37:42 PM)

Does anyone have an opinion of how many recon planes to "request" per target? Two parts to my question:

1. If you target area with five U-boat factories in it (e.g., around Hamburg), and assuming you set "Strike Num" to five, what would you set "Req AC" to?
2. If there are multiple factories in a hex, either of the same or different type (e.g., two Fuel factories in a Ruhr hex v. both fuel and oil in a different hex), do you need to set two strikes to get both factories, or will one strike recon either all of the selected factory type in that hex, or both selected factory types?

I ask because in the past I've usually set 4 or even 6 planes per recon strike, and I tend to lose 1-2 planes per turn per AD, which is high attrition. Then I remembered Bombing the Reich, where setting a Recon mission sent only one plane to the target.


MrBlizzard -> RE: Optimal Number of Planes in a Recon AD? (9/1/2018 1:30:57 PM)

2. Recon is on hex level so one plane should be enough to recon all factories inside it; when you specify factory type for target is used to select which hexes (cities) will be chosen inside your target rectangle for the recon.

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