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balto -> Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/28/2018 8:33:02 PM)

Did anybody check out the 2 hour YouTube on this at the Slitherine site? Wow! This game looks like it is the real deal. I hope this sells well and they stay with this. It has been a long time since a complex turn based game has been released that has an all-inclusive UI and Help., etc.., Basically the exact opposite of TOAW,..,

bazjak -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/28/2018 9:22:00 PM)

Looking forward to it
Be interesting to know the price though

demyansk -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/28/2018 10:57:33 PM)

Any links for the video? Thanks

demyansk -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/28/2018 11:18:47 PM)

I found it, looks nice

balto -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/28/2018 11:49:17 PM)

NO, NO, NO. That is not it. This is the one It is 2.5 hours. Take it in small doses because there is INCREDIBLE tid bits in there. But to be honest, it looks like if you take your time with the GUI, you will get it. The depth of this.., it is beyond belief. Please check this out, you will be sold.

balto -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/28/2018 11:51:41 PM)

Also based on my experience watching other Youtubers, do NOT do the Custom games. Do the pre-scripted civilizations so that the AI will challenge you. Again, I am not a beta tester, but I am a bit of a YouTube addict.

demyansk -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 12:23:24 AM)

Okay, I just looked for a video of the game, thanks for the video

zakblood -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 5:44:44 AM)

Custom games gives different challenges depending on the maps and options chosen, not for the beginners that's for sure, but unlike the main pre-scripted civilizations offer different amounts of challengers really depending on the option chosen, once the main game has been done on one faction, which there are many, and each offer totally different and gradually harder play styles, then it's time to do the Custom ones, which can depending on the settings really come to show you if you really know the game and it's mechanics etc

released tomorrow, this isn't imo letting anything not already mentioned out of the bag, as yes i'm a alpha and beta tester on the game and recommend it to anyone who likes the type and time line, nearly all YouTube video's were beta ones, look for the opening number 1.0 to see the released one, as per developers post which has the latest balancing in it, enjoy and hope your Empire lives long and endure's the test of time and not the ravages of it, falling into decay, lost to history and time and falling by the way side by poor planning, poor leadership and the hardships of the time and area, not forgetting other nations wishing to do the same, so your all fighting for the same thing, space, resources and the title of emperor of the largest domain

JamesM -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 7:30:42 AM)

Looking at the videos, this does not seem a game for me. This seem less of a historical game more of a game that uses the historical empires to base a game around. It looks a bit like the Civilization series which I love (apart from Civ VI).

zakblood -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 8:04:14 AM)

yes it's not for everyone, i'll agree with that, posted this thread to the developer from them to comment on if more information is needed, as i'm not selling it, only a tester, with 100's of hours in on the site version, over the year and now just about 200 hours in on the steam version, so know more than any YouTuber that is for sure


Cablenexus -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 10:29:38 AM)

Because sometimes a picture says more then thousand words:

(This is only PLAY time, mod time is another 200 + hours in non Steam Aggressors).


zakblood -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 11:57:09 AM)

and you weren't on the beta of Cid's either[:D]

so Cablenexus most played steam game ever[;)]


my top 4 alpha / beta games were steam games only so no site versions, that's why the numbers were higher

Lecivius -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 1:11:09 PM)

This is one I plan on getting.

Zak, what do you think of Oriental Empires? That's another one I am looking to get.

zakblood -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 1:27:30 PM)

a great game, depth, great visual style and great UI with plenty of design right from the start for long term play,

then again i'm very biased on this as he's also my favorite all time developer with just one of his many games in my all time top ten games

Bob Smith is a legend and needs little introduction from me, his gaming titles speak for themselves

Medieval 2: Total War
Rome: Total War
Medieval: Total War
Shogun: Total War
Armada 2525
Encyclopedia of War:Ancient Battles
Desert Rats

to name a few, with my fav one, as always Arnhem.

gwgardner -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 4:03:45 PM)

testing Aggressors banner..

balto -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 4:18:32 PM)

Zak, i wanted to ask the same about Andromeda. I bought it when first came out and only spent about 20 hours on it. I do not know why i gave up on it. You have 600+.., i guess it is safe to say you really like it? I love space games, i am going to revisit that tonight. You still play that?

zakblood -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 4:27:15 PM)

the developer has an issue with a patch and steam on Andromeda and had been working on it for a while now, the patch worked fine in the beta stages, but once released, he had a few issues with some user it worked with and some it didn't, i was one of them who it didn't work for on release but did in beta, so once that's sorted it will be much better and yes while i'm not a space player as such, i did like the game and enjoyed the design, atm no i'm not on it playing, but as soon as the latest patch comes out, i will as i did enjoy it, this and Starpoint Gemini Warlords were great alpha and beta games and loved them both, as like everything for me, i tend to hammer the beta's then once released have spent so much time on them i don't really play much any more, just like and enjoy the testing side now days, but some games are so good you get hooked on them and still to this day some get played as much as testing, there that good, but like everything it's a time thing, with never enough time in the day to do both some days.

i'd say about 90% of my time shown in steam is testing, with 10% playtime at most

alpha games can be 500+ hours but mostly not on steam, with beta being over 200+ for an average.

i'd love to test more, but some days it's hard to do more than 3 or 4 different games in a day, as i only do a few hours per game per day.

but in the evenings i mostly play, so far that's been on Neverwinter, which wasn't a beta game for me, but i sent in more than my fair share of bug reports all the same, until they knew me by name on the forums and and emailed me often lol.

Dawn of Andromeda was one of those game i kept thinking i'd played before, enjoyed it and always wanted an extra hour once on, so tested it and then once done played it for longer, which is rare now days for me,...

Oriental Empires was the same, one of those you can't put it down until it's done type games,

Aggressors Ancient Rome got me like this and so did Sanctus Reach and Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

but on numbers alone, no game so far has been surpassed in hours spent than GG WITW, as i've lost count how many hours i've spent and still do on beta testing this and WITE2 etc

demyansk -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/29/2018 11:56:43 PM)

Arnhem and Desert Rats - Zak? Who makes those games, do u have a link close by?


zakblood -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/30/2018 5:24:30 AM)

the developer above mentioned, is the designer but now none are out with a publisher any longer i'm sorry to say, there were with Cases Computer Simulations Ltd.

demyansk -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/30/2018 10:48:55 AM)

Sam, is desert rats a FPS.?

zakblood -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/30/2018 1:58:57 PM)

no a pure war game

Asid -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/30/2018 2:07:14 PM)

The game has been released :)

zakblood -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/30/2018 2:42:12 PM)

good luck everyone, hope you enjoy it

Greybriar -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/30/2018 8:07:30 PM)

The DRM-Free version of Aggressors: Ancient Rome is currently available from GOG for $29.99 U.S.

Kuokkanen -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/31/2018 4:12:20 PM)


ORIGINAL: Greybriar

The DRM-Free version of Aggressors: Ancient Rome is currently available from GOG for $29.99 U.S.

For me it reads: 24.99

I already have hefty backlog and I haven't even installed all the games I have bought (Combat Mission 3, Homeworld 2, most of the Heroes of Might & Magic series...). But do tell me is the game any good, and how good is it. Looks like Sid Meier's Civ at a glance, but with more collectible resources than gold/wealth.

Perhaps better comparison would be Colonization? So is this Aggressors anything more than Colonization with different skin? Is the game even as good?

Pataplouf -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/31/2018 4:30:18 PM)

Good job for the release.

Yogi the Great -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/31/2018 6:26:22 PM)

I purchased it yesterday from Matrix $29.99

I think it will be fun - easy to play hard to master as the old saying goes a lot to consider.

Currently game is only single player against the AI - no multiplayer - no pbem May be added in the future.

76mm -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/31/2018 7:05:27 PM)

Looks interesting, but so far I think I'll wait for multi-player.

Zorch -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/31/2018 7:41:53 PM)



Looks interesting, but so far I think I'll wait for multi-player.

I told them to wait until the Ides of September. But did they listen? No! [:-]

demyansk -> RE: Aggressors; Ancient Rome (8/31/2018 9:36:42 PM)

Buy when it's on sale, will not do another Check Your Six

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