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So its Dec 24th, 1941. I'm going to pick up here. I had typed out some highlights and I can't copy and paste them over.

First I want to thank some people for helping me with this fantasy mod. John 3rd, Nygiants, JWE and the Babes crew, Dali, Skylands, El Cid, JaunG, Durnedwolf, Traskott, and many others who I can't remember right now.

I will post some pics of the map with my thoughts. Comments welcomed

I hear people say its all about Logistics.


I would like to THANK the all the people who have helped me along the way. I wonít be able to remember and list all of you so Iím sorry if I left you off. Thank you to Koniu, John 3rd, NyGiants, JWE and the Da Babes team, JuanG, Skylands, Dali, El Cid, Traskott and others.
I started to tinker with the editor after my PBEM with Koniu ended. I found that it helped with my depression. The more I modded and researched the better I felt. So, the mod has gone multiple ways. I am now trying to test and see what I made. (A lot of errors) I play to have fun and relax. So, this mod is about having fun to me and a little bit of flavor. I want to make it a little harder in the beginning for the Axis and harder in the end for the Allies.
I will post the back story later. I have a problem putting my thoughts to paper, thatís the reason I hate putting out an AAR or the backstory. Yes, the back story still needs lots of work. One day I may finish it. If you have any question or suggestions ask me.
Durnedwolf answered my call for a PBEM opponent and thank you for that buddy. The game is currently Dec 24th, Santa did not bring me what I wanted for Christmas. (a sunk Japanese CV). I will try and give a summary of the past turns.

Dec 7th, Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. They damage 7 battleships a cruiser and some support ships but nothing is sunk here. Guam is the major base of the Far East. Now this is where Wolf gets some sinking action. CVE Kitty Hawk (Converted Omaha Cruiser) is sunk, a battleship, CB, and heavy cruiser are damaged. Bombings happen around the map at some of the usual places.
Dec 8th, Kota Bharu is invaded. I get lucky with a CL raid on Kota Bharu. Two old D class cruisers sneak in and hit an amphibious TF, we damage some ships. Danae ate a TT, but will fight again. I donít think anything sank from this action, but it felt good. I want to keep Wolf on his toes. Sweeps of Guam continue for another day odds are about even for both sides. I get lucky that he escorted bomber runs on both the port, naval attack, and air field. CB Guam and BB New Mexico get hit by two bombs each again today. Manila finds some P-36D (Philippines fighter) tangling with some Zeros and bombers. The bombers get through and sink several ships. I get lucky the Zero sweeps of Manila come after the escorted bombers. None of my fighters rise to meet the Zeros. ACEH (Part of Northern Sumatra gained its Independence from the Dutch with the help of the Italians) and Italian planes attack Dutch and British targets.
Makin, Battaan Islands are taken by amphib landings and Sorong was taken by airborne troops. I lost 3 Do-24s here. Mergui is also taken by paratroopers. I lose 20 DC-2s and 4 Hurricane Iís. Really not happy about this. War is hell. I also believe this is the nite that BB Haruna eats a TT from a B26D.
Dec 9th, As per the usual subs and mines take out ships running away from the Philippines. A CL lead SAG gets into the action off of Jolo by sinking some xAKLs. BB Luzon (Connecticut class BB) with the 3 Britsh destroyers attack Japanese ships at Vigan. They run into two CAís and 2 DDís. Thracian is sunk, Thanet is left on fire. One CA is on fire also. Luzon is later sunk by Bettyís later that day. Sweeps of Guam, Manila, Georgetown continue as does bombings of the same bases. Small fry sunk along with the naval attacks. Tarawa is taken.

Dec 10th, I know the game is borked. A RO boat sinks an HDML with a TT. Lucky shot. Lol MTBs fail to sink or even hit anything off of Vigan. I have been moving supply from Hong Kong to Kwangchowan. Some xAKLs are sunk by a CA SAG. I do a naval bombardment on Tinian results are pretty good for 2 cruisers. Almost 600 KIAs and a bunch a place damaged and destroyed. I slowly flew out parts of the units at Hong Kong. I plan on rebuilding them later. Typical bombings in China. I will have to set up some CAP traps. First ground attack at HK Japanese lose 10 times as many as we do. Aparri and Kota Bharu are captured.
Dec 11th and 12th I donít have the combat reports so I will skip to the 13th
Dec 13th, I lose 3 MTBs against a SAG at Vigan. Ternate is captured on the 11th or 12th. I bombed it with some Dutch bombers and do ok with it. Some PI Douglas A-33 hit a few Japanese transports. Typical bombings in China, Malaya, and the Philippines. Hong Kong is attacked again about even results. Miri is captured along with Tulagi. The force that captured Tulagi is the one slated for Wake Island. Is Wake safe?
Dec 14th, Le Glorieux hits an xAK with a TT outside of Cam Ranh Bay. Small SAG hits a TF off of KiraKira, sinking a few ships. Germans and Italians bomb targets in China. Yes, Germans and Italains. Wolf sneaks in an invasion TFs and lands troops at Boela. My bombers attack and sink a few ships. I also catech a small TF off of Shortlands with some bombers. I sink a few of the ships. Not a bad turn for me.
I am wondering why hes not moving faster with invasions. Iím beefing up the West Coast. Moving restricted LCUs to unprotected bases. I also wonder why he isnít sweeping more. I will have to get use to his play style. I tried to get my British CV and two CVEs to attack Wolfís 2 CVEs. My TFs fail to make the strike point due to a bad leader and refueling.
Dec 15th, CL Leander hits the remaining ships at Shortlands. I also get in a good lick at Ternate. CL De Ruyter and DDs hit a TF at Ternate sinking 6 ships. Sweeps resume over Guam. The odds are in my favor. Hong Kong is captured. I
Dec 16th, Japanese subs continue to sink ships around the map. AVD Preston lands two hits on RO-63. Several SSXís are sunk by mines at Guam. I do like this.
Dec 17th, I get a mid ocean intercept of a Transport TF off the Philippines. I damage a few ships. CAP trap over Manila nets me some Bettys. Wolf sets a CAP trap over Boela and damages several of my bombers. I bomb Miri the last 2 turns. Nates throw off the bombers aim some. I also sweep Miri with a squadron of Whirlwinds, results arenít bad. I catch some Nells at Manila and Rangoon.
Tandjoengbalai is captured.
Dec 18th, My bombers at Boela are intercepted by fighters from the 2 CVEs. I catch some more Nells in the Philippines. Wuchang falls.
Dec 19th, Guam is swept this time some Zeros show up. Its been awhile since the Zero has been over Guam. The first couple of days of the war had Zeros from one of the 3 CV TFs, the one that starts at Truk. I think that this is the day I lost a visual on all 3 big CV TFs. They had been in the Marshall Islands. I catch some Nates and Bombers in China with a CAP trap.
Wenchow is captured by Italian forces.
Dec 20th, Submarines have started dropping off supply to Guam. More sweeps of Guam. The Zeros does some damage and the He 100 holds it own. Oscars show up today and takes it on the chin by the battling Basterds of Guam. My fighters are hurting right now. If he keeps up I wonít have any fighters able to get into the air. I am planning a big night bombing mission against Saipanís air fields and port (100 ships shown in port).
Dec 21st, I send CL Concord with DDs to bombard Tinian and I get decent results. My bombers the 8 or so that flew hit nothing. Zeros sweep and find nothing. I stand down my fighters. The last turn Zeros sweep at their max altitude. Whirlwinds sweep Ternate and find a few Oscars and come home victorious. I catch some Nells on naval attack at Kuantan. I had moved up some CLs to raid up around Khota Bharu, but he spotted me. They will move back to Singapore.

Dec 22nd, I try again for a night attack on Saipan. A few more bombers fly but results are disappointing. Will try again later when we have better weather and moonlight. Zeros sweep and find that my P39s are flying at max altitude and they cut up the Zeros. Same bombing around China. Wolf has not moved down the Malaysian peninsula. I donít know why. Singapore hasnít been attacked yet either. HMMMM???
Dec 23rd, Thought I had an early Christmas present. SS Trout fires 6 TTs at CV Akagi one hit, but itís a dud. Zeros again sweep at max altitude and are ate up by the high flying P39s. He lost 19 to my 6. I catch some Nates and Annís in China.
Georgetown is lost.
Dec 24th, will be posted when I get the turn bac,

My thoughts so far are: Wolf is playing slow. I donít know how to take his play. I am use to having a player that moves fast and hard. I had an opponent for this mod for a few turns, he crushed Guamís AF on turn one along with Manilaís AF, and Singaporeís port. He also made 13 offensive amphib landings on turn one. Also put a German CAV into the Indian Ocean. I have had time to move Dutch forces around by air transport. I think Java is getting tougher each day he waits. Port Morsby is getting tougher. He hasnít attacked here either. I will try and post maps with some info soon.

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Far East:


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New Guinea


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Game Screen


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Air Loss


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Why Do I need so much

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Distraction from all the reserved stuff


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Clever paratrooper - she figured out how to make sure no one on the ground shoots at her!

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Nice grenades.

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I like her belt....yuk yuk

ps Good to see you Joe, I will catch up on this at work, errr I mean on coffee break. [8D]

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Thanks man.

Bif I decided to jump on those grenades to protect everyone.

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When Matthew Ridgway took over command of Eighth Army and then UN Command in Korea he used to go around with grenades attached in similar fashion. He soon got the nickname "Old Iron T**s."


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You might want to change your name then to D-CUPs

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I love D cup's. UMMMM

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Just my luck I got D's in class and A-cups in girls there.

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Waiting on the turn. So I got time. Lets talk about my thoughts.

Map is above and my MLR is marked. I don't plan on putting LCU's in every hex but in certain locations. I'm not for sure of all of those locations will be but I will provide more info on that when I make it up. I fouled up the Ichang attack. Somehow I didn't set the units to move towards the base. My blocking force moved and took the took an empty hex north of Hanchow, it was later evicted by a Jap ID. So I stopped the Ichang offensive and decided to move those units to blocking positions around Sian. Some LCU's will move up towards Lanchow.

Loyang and the other 2 bases have around 2200AV between the 3 of them. I will fight for these bases also. Behind these bases I am forming up blocking positions for Sian. I am marshalling forces for the secondary roads that come to Sian.

I have around 4200AV around Changsha. Some of it will be moved to other areas and turned into reserve forces. I will fight for this area. More forces are moving from the southern part of China. He has captured Wenchow and will take Chuhisen tomorrow.

Nanning has 2200AV in the area. He has taken Pakhoi and I think chasing down my retreating Chinese units. I was able to move some supply from Hong Kong to the French port. I got around 5k or so to it and all of it has moved out of the base.

Wolf hasn't been aggressive in China or really anywhere on the map. He bombs everyday different bases or units. I have hit him a few times with CAP traps but with a few kills. I have switched out one AVG squadron with some P39s. One Chinese unit now has P40s. Some of the bombers are training in India/Burma. The two AVG squadrons in China has 30 kills between them.

Supply is good in China at the moment. Burma road is open and looks to remain open for the time being. I don't see any threats to it.

I am currently bringing in an Indian Division. The Burma Division is resting and fixing disablements. I have the troops posted on the back road by Taun Gyi. There has only been a few air attacks on Rangoon, there is a IJN sub patrolling outside of Rangoon. Its claimed 2 ships.

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So this update will take us up to the current date of the game.

The date is 29th, Dec 41.

24th, Dec

A Japanese sub sinks a PC on the West Coast. I have several patrolling from Canada to San Fran.

Wolf sends some Nells against Tarakan. My fingers shoot down more than a handful.

Christmas 1941

We get 2 hits on RO 63 at Tarakan. I have several ASW patrols targeting this sub. Even laid some mines at Tarakan, hoping it would hit one. A I boat sinks a small Dutch sub near Ambon. I hate when I lose a sub with working TT's. Near Ambon I decided to bomb the Jap unit at Boela. With no recon I inflict about 50 KIAs from Dutch and NZ bombers. Not bad. Kates try and attack shipping at Ambon. Dutch fighters quickly dispatch them. In all 13 Kates are shot down. I know these bombers flew from atleast one CVE. I am happy to see the kates. I have a small carrier force nearby and a Dutch SAG at Ambon. I will send them after the evil TF.

Typical bombings in China and the 22nd divison takes Chuhsien.

I bet he is out of supply or close to it. A bit of good news, Wolf flew into a CAP trap at Manila. Philippine fighter pilots call it a turkey shoot. 32 unescorted Bettys are shot down. This has to hurt.

26th, Dec

The Zero's return to Guam. My P-40s take a hit I loose 17 P-40B/E's to around 14 Zeros. I have a lot of damaged AC. Does not look good.

Near Ambon. The Dutch SAG dosent find the TF at nite but its only 3 hexs away. My CVs launch an air strike. They find the CVE Chitose and put a 1k pound bomb into her, we also get a TT into BB Fuso. My meager strike forces takes a hit on the two attacks. I decide to push the attack with about 13 DBS and TBs. I send the Dutch SAG after them also. My CVs with Force Z move north trying to cut the TF off from its closest base. I also sent subs cover the likely egress routes.

Bombings and sweeps in China as usual. Some Jap LCU's start to push around my Chinese forces outside of Pakhoi.

27th, Dec 41

Dutch SAG meets and then lets the Jap TF escape with out a shot being fired. Wolf did a full speed run with the TF. By the end of the turn the Jap TF was 2 hexs from Peliu. Bettys attack the Dutch SAG multiple times during the turn. I got lucky they were attacking from 9k feet. They did end up hitting the Dutch BC with 2 250Kg bombs. Not much damage to report from the two bomb hits. another funny think my CVs where closer to the Bettys but they attack the SAG instead.

Guam is swept by Zeros again. This time my guys come out on top, but I can't keep this up for much longer. I need replacements and rest for my guys. I have found out that my exp pilots are being replaced with inexperienced pilots. I will have to fix that. My CA that was damaged during the first attacks is now fully repaired. I have the CB and BB working on repairing all light damage. There is a TF patrolling between Wake and Guam. My sub transports are running supplies between the two locations.

Oscars sweep and Bettys bomb Manila again. China bombed as usual. I am now seeing units appearing near Burma. I will have to watch this.

28th, Dec 41

RO 65 sinks an xAKL near Ambon. French Sub sinks an xAK with troops on it off of FIC. I catch some escorted bombers near Changsha. Quiet turn. I had recon on an airbase in Thailand with fighters. I decided to sweep it with one AVG Squadron. Also Japs have land a small force at Kudat. I set some bombers to fly and a small SAG to attack the amphib TFs. I also got some supply in to Cebu. I am trying to sneak some supply into an important but isolated Dutch base along the New Guinea coast. I have recon scheduled to fly over Pelieu to see if the CVE is in the port. 4Es are marshalling close by.

29th Dec 41

Wait on it.

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29th, Dec 41

I sweep Chiang Mai. I find Nates and Thai Hawks. I shoot down 4 Hawks and in total for the day 14 Nates. I'm seeing land activity in Thai land and Sigint tells me that LCUs are heading to Bangkok. I also sweep a Jap ID moving towards Changsha and down some Nates also. More bombings in China. I will setup a couple of CAP traps tomorrow.

I bomb Boela again and get 28 KIA's. I will bomb Babeldoba tomorrow, I think Wolf disbanded his CVE TFs here.

I'm starting to see movement in China and Thailand towards Burma. Not seeing much moving towards Singers. I do have some ACEH units moving down Sumatra, this won't be enough. Ok Time to mow the yard.

DOCUP -> Germans Sweep Guam!!!! (9/9/2018 4:47:10 PM)

30th, Dec 41

Betty's sweep in at 6k and bomb, they damage a few recon planes. Later in the day Vals escorted by Zeros from a carrier attack a patrol boat. CAP takes care of both raids.

I bomb Babeldaob during the daytime. Results are not what I expected. Petes rise up and disrupt my bombers. We do land a single 500 pounder on an AP.

31st, Dec 41

I set my bombers to attack Saipan's port and air fields. Only the port strike flies. We put a single 500 pounder into the Settsu. During the day 86 Zeros, 7 He 100's, and 35 BF 109's sweep Guam. Lion's, Tiger's, and Bear's Oh me Oh my. We again come out on top. (hmmm something doesn't seem right about this) 15 Zeros, 3 He 100's, and 7 BF 109's are shot down. Recon of Saipan shows 114 Fighters 37 bombers, and 42 Aux. Tinian's recon shows 45 fighters, 37 bombers, and 23 Aux. Now Babeldaob has 13 fighters, 104 bombers, and 156 Aux. Seems like a lot of planes in this area.

An enemy unit has showed up north of Temaloh. I have units at Temaloh, they will wait and see what is north before withdrawing. French sub sinks a PB off of Cam Ranh Bay.

I have decided that I will send the British 25th ID to Java. I will fight for Java. Yea, not a great spot to fight, but Wolf is going slower than I expected. I will build up Koepang as a transfer base. More units will be sent to Java. AA, ART, Engs will all be needed and sent. 2 USN CVs and a CVL will head to Java.

I bombed the 55th ID at Moulmein today causing minimal casualties. I am sending some C class cruisers to bombard along with one CB SAG for one single bombardment. I am also moving the 17th Indian ID to help bolster up the defenses.

Today in China we have the usual bombings. He is now starting to escort his bombers. I see that the Japanese are trying to out flank me in northern Chian near Paotow. I have two units retreating back and another trying to get behind the LCU flanking me.

Jap sub I-175 sinks and xAKL off of Canada. I have setup ASW patrols off Canada and by San Fran. CV Yorktown will meet Saratoga at Pearl and see what pops up in the area.

Troops are unloaded at Umnak Island in the Aleutian's. More troops are headed there. I have a CD unit and Engs as of now. Christmas Island will see base forces and an Inf rgt in a few days. Pago Pago has a solid force of 2 USMC rgts, 3 CD units, and a bunch of Engs. Wake has an extra Inf BN with the USMC CD unit. Midway is about the same as Wake.

More later

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1st, Jan 42

New year, New battles.

The calm tropical night over Guam,is shattered by the big guns of Japanese battleships. BB's Ise and Hyuga along with Settsu and Kawachi and other smaller ships run the guntlet of subs during the night. One USN sub launches some TTs at an escort ship and misses. The large TF runs into some AMs patrolling for subs an sinks both of them. PT boats are pushed aside as the BBs smash the air field and about a dozen planes on it. 704 telegrams are sent to families across the country the next day. BB Settsu is noted to be smoking. During the day 68 Zeros sweep the base in 4 different waves. 17 He 100's sweep the base in between the zeros. 25 Zeros are listed as shot down along with 3 He 100's. We lose 19 P-40B/E's and 5 P-39s. The Bombardment TF is seen heading towards Japan. I hope it hits an ice berg on the way home. The AF is trashed 62 runway damage and 53 service. This will take some time to repair. Most of the casualties were support and engineers. I believe the end maybe near for Guam.

My plans for Guam is supply by sub and pull out cadres of certain units. Not much else I can do.

Storms keep my PI fighters from catching the Bettys attacking Manila. Japanese troops have not advance to Clark or Manila bases yet. They have been seen just north of both bases. The rest of the Philippines are building defenses and waiting. Cebu will be a pain the Nippon butt. It has 2 forts and 350AV. I have snuck in some supply to Cebu, my next trip is to bring supply into Mindinao. A U boat caught one of the xAKLs this turn. Will Wolf send in some surface units to stop this. I hope.

My plan: bring in as much supply as possible and set up some ambushes.

China is bombed as usual. I'm resting the AVG, maybe tomorrow they will set up a trap. Japanese LCUs are now chasing down and moving towards Chinese bases. I need to post a map with my thoughts. Another day.

Nothing happened in Burma today.

Malaysa I sent some CLs up the coast to Kuatan, we shot down some Nells. I have another CL moving here tomorrow. I may try and raid some convoys off of Indochina. More Jap LCU's are spotted this turn. Troops have been alerted to start packing up equipment and be ready to bug out to the south. I am going to defend Johore Bharu. It has 2 forts and building. I will have 300AV there. Singapore has 3 forts and will probably have around 1k of AV. I will pull out some Eng, and AA units at the last minute, these units will head to Java.

LCUs are being alerted and prepping for different bases in Java and Koepang today. Mostly Eng, AA, Art units. Some units are still on the West Coast of the US. I hope the get there in time. We will see. I will need to post a pic and my plans for here.

Australia is preparing for the worse but not expecting it. In about 2 weeks some American P-40Es will arrive, If Guam is still in our hands they may try to fly here. We will see. Australian LCUs will be the first to help the Dutch. Merauke will see Aussie troops soon. I will build up this base to help protect Horn Island. Troops from Pago Pago have arrived at Horn Island with more coming, these troops may head up towards Java.

More later

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2nd, Jan 42

Japanese bombard Kwangchowan. Kind of a waste of resources. I bombard Miri with a Dutch BC and a mixture of CLs and DDs. Cause light damage. I hit the oil fields once, destroyed 4 Nates and killed 200 troops. The good thing from this is ships gained night exp.

Guam got hammered from the air. Bettys and Nells swoop in and hit the air field hard. It was already closed from the day before, most of the fighters were damaged anyways. What gets me is that the bombers came in unescorted and before all the sweeps. Man, I could of done some damage. Air field has 93 and the facilties is 72. I lost 4 P40s, 3 Bufs, 4 B26, 2 TBDs, and 1 B17. Not to bad but I have a bunch damaged. The combat ships will have to run for their lives. With no air cover they can't stay in the harbor waiting for the invasion fleet to come. They will leave in multiple directions. CL Concord will run full speed towards the Philippines by herself, while the CA will follow with 2 DDs. New Mexico with 2 DDs will run south towards Hollandia and then will move north up the New Guinea coast hopeing to find some fighter cover. CB Guam is stuck in pier side repair for 2 more days. Lets hope she can get moving. Some smaller vessels will run towards Wake. I also have a sub in the shipyard it will be repaired in 2 days. crossing my fingers for that one also. I noticed that Woleai is not occupied and has an AF. I am sending 3 DDs on a fast transport mission to capture this island, then my short legged planes can fly south to safety.

My supply ships made it to Hollanida and are offloading. Just in time for the coming show. Nav search spotted a 3 ships TF near Sorong. I am sending a Dutch SAG to welcome it not Dutch territorial waters. Bombers will also fly out to greet them in the day time.

55th ID is moving towards Rangoon. Bombers cause light damage today. A sub missed my troop ships heading for Rangoon with the last BDE for the 17th Indian ID and a armored unit. I have spotted a Jap LCU moving towards Nanning. Japanese troops shock attacked a retreating stack of Chinese troops. It didn't go well for them we suffered 500 casualties to their 4200. They have 495 disabled inf squads. I believe one of the 2 ID's that attacked got trashed, in all 2 ID's and a BDE attacked the Chinese troops. Another 2 IDs and an arty reg evict my blocking unit north of Taiyuang. I have another with some more meat on the bone a few hexs behind this one.

News papers and Radio stations all around the USA are screaming!!!!! Florence makes landfall, Ohhh sorry Japs land troops on Attu Island. They didn't take the base. HMMM.

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3rd, Jan 23

Anybody out there?

I get 2 ASW attacks off of Cali and Canada, but nothing strikes home, unlike the Brits off of Colombo. They land 2 hits on a German Uboat.

Brit SAG bombards the 55th ID moving up the Burma coast, causing light causalities. Later in the day they get hit by bombers causing even few causalities. I have 3 C class CLs moving in to bombard tonight. I don't have much hope but its something.

I set 2 CAP traps on China and net 5 Nates, 5 Lily's, 5 FW 200's, 4 Fiat G 50's for 3 H81 83's. Chinese bombers hit the Jap LCU around Patow. Its the 37th Cav Bde. Not a big unit, but it has great exp and morale. My 2 Chiniese units will move towards it and press for a battle. I will continue to weaken the unit by air. I am also going to try and bomb the LCU's moving Tisaotao.

CL Concord stumbles upon a Jap TF during the night. I like this accidental contact. I may get lucky again, my CA TF might finish off the rest of them. None of my fleeing ships have been sighted by Wolf. I bet he has all his long range bombers on AF attack at Guam. New Mexico is past Woleai and moving towards Hollandia. Woleai was taken yesterday by fast transport. I have started to fly out what planes I can from Guam. I am flying in some AV support to help with the planes. The xAKL's were attacked by German patrol planes and landed a single bomb on one of them. P40E's will fly CAP tomorrow hoping that they will return.

Guam is hit again by the air. AF damage is the same but the faculties raised to 80. I lose a 3 B26s to his bombings.

The 3 ship TF around Sorong is gone behind it is a 5 ship TF. Is this the same TF?

I forgot to mention. Rabaul harbor has 15 ships in it, with no fighter cover. I am launching an attack tomorrow. Another thing I forgot to mention. Kota Bharu has had several TFs sitting there, I am sending in a CL TF to find out what's in it. Might be a bad Idea, Maybe not.

I haven't seen Wolfs CVs for many days now. Where are they? Where are his big LCU's? What are his plans?


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The most successful defences I have seen had all of the Dutch defenders withdraw to Bandoeng and draw all the supply there. The mountain terrain and supply are the keys to defence. This should be done before the Japanese invade and cut the island in half though. The big thing is not to defend coastal hexes that can be bombarded by sea.
Save some PP to buy out and fly out some of the Dutch air force, especially the B-25Cs (or units that upgrade to that airframe) and the Patrol aircraft (Cats and Dorniers).

DOCUP -> RE: BREAKING NEW!!!!! Japs troop on US Soil (9/17/2018 2:36:13 AM)

BBfanboy: You are absolutely right on all accounts. I am buying out units as I can. I am building up Bandoeng forts, this is a back up plan. Yes, this has been the best plan for holding down Japanese troops. I have also thought about the Naval bombardments and such. I just want to try something different. I personally haven't done this type of defense of Java or this far forwards in a game. I am kinda excited about it, in the back of my mind I know that I should play it safe.

4th, Jan 42

My 2 D class CLs rush into battle near Kota Bharu and find 2 CBs and their DD escorts. I lose both CLs and the DD with them is heavily damaged and is limping back to Singers. They damage a DD, probably not enough to sink it. They also scratch the paint on the CBs. Temuloh and Kuala Lumpur are both taken today by two different tank regiments. Nearby Brit units are falling back. I am debating the defend forward as to Singapore.

The xAKL at Hollandia is attacked by 2 DDs and sunk. New Mexico has not been spotted neither has the other fleeing ships from Guam. Woleai is captured by airborne assault. I lose 3 squadrons one of them P39s the pilots is what I'm mourning. The rest of the planes at Guam will be disbanded soon. I had a sub and CB repairing at Guam and they are now able to be moved, the CB is moving towards Wake and the sub will start a patrol route near Guam.

Typical bombing in China. I am bombing the 37th cav bde my Chinese units are moving in for a fight.

We bombard the 55th ID at Moulmein and bomb it for a few casualties.

I know I did a post about the 4th I must of forgot to post it. dang it.

5th, Jan 42

RO 63 is back at Tarakan and sinks an xAK. I want this sub. Its a pain in my arse.

Guam is bombed today, Wolf hit the port for the first time and hit the ARD there. Concord and the CA TF have made it to Cebu and will head south from here. I think they will make it to Java. New Mexico is still not spotted and moving towards Ambon. The CB TF is 14 hexs from Wake (unseen) and a Jap TF is only a few hex to the South East moving in the same direction. Going to try and do a full speed dash to wake for some air cover. I have an ACM moving towards Wake also not far behind the CB TF.

I sent a mixed TF to bombard Miri, ok results. They will withdraw to Singers to replenish and fix some light damage. Japanese are bombing all over China and escorting most of the raids. I don't have enough fighters to cover everything. Still bombing the 37th Cav Bde. I'm also still taking pot shots at the 55th ID at Moulmeim.

South of Ulmak I see a CV TF I had ships moving to Ulmak, they have now been diverted.

CaptBeefheart -> RE: BREAKING NEW!!!!! Japs troop on US Soil (9/17/2018 5:24:24 AM)

OK, you've got supercharged Airacobras, USN cruiser subs, Whirlwinds, CVE Kitty Hawk, etc., etc. Can you tell us what other changes exist in the Allied OOB?


Bif1961 -> RE: BREAKING NEW!!!!! Japs troop on US Soil (9/19/2018 1:31:38 AM)

A lot of new toys here to play with, and Japan gets a lot of Axis partner help as well.

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