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BrianG -> RE: 12 (11/4/2018 12:51:09 PM)

still early war. nice cv shift


BrianG -> RE: 12 (11/4/2018 12:52:26 PM)

Kharkov comes front and center.

this attack was not hasty


BrianG -> RE: 12 Factories at risk (11/4/2018 12:54:41 PM)

good haul

hyla seems to be ok with arm factories getting destroyed. Industry has been moved first.

surprised that vehicles were still in Kharkov


BrianG -> RE: 12 Factories at risk (11/4/2018 12:56:04 PM)

Final view Kharkov turn 12


BrianG -> 12 (11/4/2018 12:58:28 PM)

up north I try and keep pressure on recon. This might be my last attack on them.

I am not doing well and my bomber crews are showing low levels.


BrianG -> RE: 12 (11/4/2018 12:59:20 PM)

final Orel area


BrianG -> RE: 12 (11/4/2018 1:00:47 PM)

Up north for my Northeast to Cherepovets plan, I bull head on into Torzhok


BrianG -> RE: 12 (11/4/2018 1:01:43 PM)

to clear a mobile lane, I set up this movement


BrianG -> RE: 12 (11/4/2018 1:02:51 PM)

corridor is open.

Ultimately this opening maybe to early: I may not have had enough tanks to properly follow on .


BrianG -> RE: 12 (11/4/2018 1:04:43 PM)

final North Moscow.

I get a nice pocket which should hold. Tanks will have low fuel except 1 corp which had HQb the turn before.


BrianG -> RE: 12 (11/4/2018 1:06:51 PM)

final south Moscow. going for Tula and its factories, manpower.

Also should keep hyla aware that maybe I am trying to surround Moscow.


BrianG -> 13 (11/10/2018 12:12:41 PM)

south open

heavy Russian bomber action


BrianG -> RE: 13 (11/10/2018 12:16:18 PM)

north open. hyla each turn picks one area to concentrate his bombers.

Maybe he rests them the following turn.

My fighters have been relaxing elsewhere this war. Rarely an interdiction worth writing home about.

And my usual wish for my tanks to have better fuel levels. Maybe next week.


BrianG -> RE: 13 (11/10/2018 12:18:13 PM)

surrender attack. an actual air interdiction for me.

please note mp of tanks in area


BrianG -> RE: 13 (11/10/2018 12:20:24 PM)

I had to use Totem to clear the pocket.

at this point I clearly do not have enough power (MP'S) this turn to make a huge lunge to rr crossing the swamp west of Cherepovits.

But that was my plan.

As I have a tank army west of Tula, I have split my concentration of power. Bad plan.

We shall see. If the tank army was not pressuring Tula, hyla would be all over this north thrust. All theory.


BrianG -> RE: 13 (11/10/2018 12:54:25 PM)

air disaster. [:@]

I have no clue wtf.

I even had fighter support.


BrianG -> RE: 13 (11/10/2018 12:55:57 PM)

my push on Tula. Get over river first.


BrianG -> RE: 13 (11/10/2018 12:57:16 PM)

down south approach to Stalino.

attack on 6th army hq


BrianG -> RE: 13 (11/10/2018 5:24:01 PM)

final south

In how many ways is this pocket horrible?

My south front hq is still way overloaded with attached units.


BrianG -> RE: 13 (11/10/2018 5:26:10 PM)

final west Tula which still has industry. Maybe attack Tula next turn. Ive moved in more tanks


BrianG -> RE: 13 (11/10/2018 5:27:45 PM)

final north

after crushing the pocket I was barely able to advance 3 hexes out.

I could use that tank army near Tula up here about now.


BrianG -> 14 (11/12/2018 11:03:05 PM)

pet peeve: Russian fort defense of Finish border


BrianG -> 14 (11/12/2018 11:06:14 PM)

early moves up north.
trying to clear rr so it goes past VV to support my attack towards Cherepovets

You can see my rr repair in the shot.

2 defensive reserves in this attack


BrianG -> RE: 14 (11/12/2018 11:08:59 PM)

As my fuel up north was poor, I am back near Tula.


BrianG -> RE: 14 (11/12/2018 11:10:00 PM)

21st Russian army hq routed.


BrianG -> RE: 14 (11/12/2018 11:11:15 PM)

one more up north. Felt I need to do a non hasty attack against heavy woods.


BrianG -> RE: 14 (11/12/2018 11:29:42 PM)

Final North spear tip.


If I had better fuel I might have made it far enough to cut the rr heading to Leningrad.

Or the tank army near Tula. But if that tank army had not been at Tula, HYLA would have already added to defense up here.


BrianG -> RE: 14 (11/12/2018 11:30:54 PM)

North Moscow final. lower flank is way open.


BrianG -> RE: 14 (11/12/2018 11:32:09 PM)

south area action. Fuel at usual pathetic levels.


BrianG -> RE: 14 (11/12/2018 11:33:01 PM)

final Kursk Tula map


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