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BrianG -> BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/26/2018 10:18:32 PM)

This is my 5th or 6th game as the Germans.

Should be difficult.

Here are my meager air kills. I fail to select German airgroups for each mission unlike how I play when Russian.

I went after the good planes and recon.


BrianG -> RE: BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/26/2018 10:20:53 PM)

Riga falls to hasty. I fail to give retreat route. Thus they rout.


BrianG -> RE: BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/26/2018 10:21:22 PM)

Brest attack


BrianG -> RE: BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/26/2018 10:23:01 PM)

Key point down south must be annihilated.

That's what they kept saying in the preattack meetings.


BrianG -> RE: BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/26/2018 10:24:57 PM)

Turn 1 south end.

2 Pockets are not sealed. I do not go for the new far east surround everything move.


BrianG -> RE: BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/26/2018 10:28:05 PM)

Swamp final positions. I cut east west transverse swamp rr lines.

Kovel is Open but troops will never get out.


BrianG -> RE: BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/26/2018 10:30:06 PM)

Minsk final. Pocket secure.


BrianG -> RE: BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/26/2018 10:32:16 PM)

final north turn1. end positions.

I think the pocket will hold. To many hexes to convert for russians


beender -> RE: BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/28/2018 10:02:12 AM)



Riga falls to hasty. I fail to give retreat route. Thus they rout.


Well given the loss the rout isn't much different from surrender.

Btw I've always used one panzer to take Riga and has never failed. But looking at CV numbers here, even two divisions were barely enough. Maybe it's safer to use two panzers here because as Axis you really can't afford not taking Riga on T1.

MarauderPL -> RE: BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/28/2018 10:33:37 AM)

You can try with one PzDiv, if that fails, attack again with two.

BrianG -> RE: BrianG v. HYLA (no hard luck) (8/28/2018 12:08:04 PM)

if you use 2, they still have 1 hex mp range to move. one into riga and other to the east

BrianG -> turn 2 (9/6/2018 2:05:59 AM)

German counter moves in the middle


BrianG -> RE: turn 2 (9/6/2018 2:12:13 AM)

excuse me, Russian countermoves in lower map.

nice and close hug from the big red bear.

pocket broken, 1 panzer unit cut off

lots of Russian bombings.


BrianG -> RE: turn 2 (9/6/2018 2:14:10 AM)

I attempt to form new pocket. This is one of the possible avenues of advance. East over river then due south


BrianG -> RE: turn 2 (9/6/2018 2:17:44 AM)

This was a key point that needed to be moved


BrianG -> RE: turn 2 (9/6/2018 2:18:34 AM)

final south.

nice pocket but it could leak. upper pocket looks secure


BrianG -> RE: turn 2 (9/6/2018 2:21:11 AM)

final Rovno and swamp cut. officially cuts off Kovel grouping


BrianG -> RE: turn 2 (9/6/2018 2:23:44 AM)

Final middle. I take south forest route across the Berezina


BrianG -> RE: turn 2 (9/6/2018 2:25:26 AM)

Final north.

I form pocket around useless airborne and security units.

better off if I had routed the lot of them.

Party time in Leningrad.


BrianG -> turn 3 (9/13/2018 12:21:59 AM)

north open
do recall my comments a few panels before about routing the lot of em.

Here is the proof.


BrianG -> RE: turn 3 (9/13/2018 12:23:22 AM)

and being generous I receive the same down below.

This is how I like to play the Russians when I am the Russians.

good job HYLA


BrianG -> RE: turn 3 (9/13/2018 12:24:29 AM)

and the units in mild distress. No fresh milk this turn.


BrianG -> RE: turn 3 (9/13/2018 12:27:47 AM)

final middle. I am low fuel and press slowly over the river.

Not sure what happened to my final lower picture.
It was not great. I tried to recapture pockets outward easterly


BrianG -> RE: turn 3 (9/13/2018 12:29:01 AM)

final north

I reestablish supply and rout the bad Russians who are in the way[;)]


BrianG -> RE: turn 3 (9/13/2018 12:32:15 AM)

wait picture found!!!!

lower final turn 3. nice recovery.

Russians are playing close up.

rr is near Rumania. So far rr not moving well.


BrianG -> RE: turn 3 (9/14/2018 9:02:18 PM)

I just found another turn 3 map. Far south final


BrianG -> turn 4 (9/14/2018 9:04:02 PM)

The Fins get revved up and attack.


BrianG -> RE: turn 4 (9/14/2018 9:05:50 PM)

upper north final

Not a good advance at all.


BrianG -> RE: turn 4 (9/14/2018 9:07:08 PM)

Middle final

I press my river bridgehead towards Gomel. fuel is issue around here. very far from supply


BrianG -> RE: turn 4 (9/14/2018 9:09:01 PM)

Zitmor final area.

I launch attack northeast to cut off Russian units.

the vast swamp will be cleared very soon.


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