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Beria -> RE: Epilogue (4/30/2020 7:29:27 PM)


Yes you did. You rage quitted. You deleted all of the dropboxes including the 2x3+ team game. Everyone who was in the game got that clear message from Dropbox. I have seen myself and had to deal how you abused everyone since. I have copies of all your emails you sent as well as the discords - it is all very bad.

No devs or anyone has ever investigated it. Everyone in the game has the clear message from dropbox. You created the dropboxes, you deleted them. No one else could have done.

These are people who spent hundreds of hours helping you. They never said anything bad about you even after you did this. And you have only abused them since. You should not have played those humiliation games on others if you did not want the truth reported back.

thedoctorking -> RE: Epilogue (4/30/2020 7:30:53 PM)

Guys, please, we had this conversation back years ago when this thread first went ballistic - the conclusion was that we weren't going to talk about the circumstances under which the game broke up. The point of the AAR forum is to talk about how the game play went. Tele, Beria, and ST, I'd like to ask you to delete your recent posts so that we can preserve the AAR to help people learn these mechanics without exposing them to the crazy sorts of disagreements that can spring up in these games. The posts on here subsequent to turn 11 were (mostly) written before the game fell apart and speak only to game play, I'd like to keep it that way.

Telemecus -> RE: Epilogue (4/30/2020 7:40:44 PM)


No you spent two years trying to stop anyone playing the 2x3+ game - including beria and others. You harassed and abused continuously. Were you not banned?

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