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tjhkkr -> Rumors -- but fun none-the-less... (8/22/2018 2:39:58 AM)

Hey team:

I received an interesting PDF.
First of all: Was CV-63 Reactivated? If they did so, it has to be one of the fastest reactivations in history.
Second: is the FA-37 a real bird? I have seen pictures of this before, but I thought they were bogus.

So... is this PDF belong in the category of fiction?

Dysta -> RE: Rumors -- but fun none-the-less... (8/22/2018 3:45:58 AM)

The FA-37 is a movie prop:

But I cannot find any trace of carrier reactivation from many military websites or forums, so possibly both of these are not real.

tjhkkr -> RE: Rumors -- but fun none-the-less... (8/22/2018 3:48:43 AM)

If you look at the Kitty Hawk wiki, the TALK about it... but I am in agreement with you; it did not happen.

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