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fatgreta1066 -> Escort behavior with strike packages (8/20/2018 4:12:47 PM)

I've been playing a user created Desert Storm scenario, and I'm having trouble keeping my strike packages from getting blown to bits. I have completely eliminated all of the SAM installations (in this case SAM-2, 3, 6, 8, 9 (?) and 13. There are still mobile units with handheld SAMs, but not a single funtional installation remains. There is still plenty of AAA out there.

This is a massive scenario, with many many many mobile units hidden all around the country. So when my strike aircraft come in, they are often engaged by those units. What I'm hoping to figure out is, how if at all can I protect them?

So that has me wondering about escort behavior. I know that if I assign fighters as escorts they will engage any enemy fighters (there are none of them left in Iraq either at this point). I know that jammers will fly in formation and jam radar (there are no more functional radars in Iraq at this point). What would happen if I assigned escorts armed with a combination of HARM and Maverick missiles? Would they engage any threats that showed up? If a handleld SAM comes at the mission, will the aircraft attempt to engage it with Mavericks? If there's a radar that I've missed and it lights up my aircraft, will they fire their HARM (or ALARM, or ARMAT or whatever) at the radar? I know that in the WRA there's a setting for “use in self defense” that seems by default to be set as no. Do I need to set that as yes?

In a related but separate question, if I set that authorization to yes, will any aircraft use its weapons, if possible, to engage targets that threaten them? Will fighter bombers with CBU munitions attempt to eliminate a mobile unit that fires at it? Or at a AAA that opens up? That kind of thing?

Anything I should be asking or know about escorts that I've not thought to ask?



fatgreta1066 -> RE: Escort behavior with strike packages (8/22/2018 1:09:46 AM)


DWReese -> RE: Escort behavior with strike packages (8/22/2018 2:17:58 AM)

I don't know the scenario that you are playing but one tactic, in general, is to have planes precede the strike armed with TALDs (decoys) the purpose, of course, is to fake the SAMs into believing that they are planes, and activate their radar so that they can shoot at them. When the SAMs activate, then you can use your HARM-armed a/c to blast the SAMs. All of this should happen before the strike arrives.

Another thing that you can do is make sure that your strike altitude is high enough, if possible, to avoid the AAA, although that isn't usually a problem. If the terrain is such, you can always duck behind things to block the radar line-of-sight, but since you said that this is the desert, then there probably isn't much to hind behind.

With your strike package, you can attach (as escorts) HARM-armed planes, and OECM planes. The OECM planes will generally keep longer-ranged SAMs from bring able to lock onto to planes until much later. But, after they have you then the OECM planes don't seem to have much more effect on the SAMs. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the OECM planes. If you conduct a few user established test scenarios using the various platforms you will begin to see how powerful that they really are.

Lastly, you can approach the area at low altitude. This will also limit the time that the SAMs have to track you. Then, with OECM planes and HARMs, you can jam the radars and take out enough of the SAMs before your strike package arrives. It's good to have some HARMs to ride shotgun (escorts) with your strikes. They can knock out a SAM from 70 miles away, usually long before your strikers get into range.

Again, I don't know the scenario that you are playing. I'm just offering this as general advice. Perhaps someone who is playing your particular scenario can offer some actual advice.

Have fun.


TyphoonFr -> RE: Escort behavior with strike packages (8/22/2018 7:32:32 AM)

Yes, when he is in the escort,an A/C will use his Harm missile if a Radar is activated. But he will stay away from the target of the attack planes and I do not think he will use his CBU if he has some.
The CBUs will be used during DEAD missions. In this case, the armed planes of Harm and CBU will not be in the escort and the target of the mission will be the SAM site.The planes will use the CBUs to destroy the SAM. will use their Harm against the radar that activates.

CBUs have a range of 1NM and must be dropped below 2000 ft,
If you only have handheld SAMs (SA-7, SA-14, SA-16) and AAA,you should avoid going below 12000ft. SA-7 can reach targets up to 5,000ft and shika up to 10,000ft, for example.Mobile units with handheld SAMs are hard to spot (you will see their missiles in particular [:D]).

In these conditions, for your Strike mission, it is necessary to use planes that have a Hi-Med-Hi, Hi-Hi-Hi attack profile. You can use planes that have a Hi-Lo-Hi attack profile. armed with weapons that you can shoot above 12 000ft, in this case after takeoff of planes it is necessary to modify altitudes of the WP IP (Wpn Lnch for the missiles), the WP located just before IP and the WP Target.

Aircraft armed with Mk82 LDGP and Maverick have Hi-Lo-Hi profiles, but these weapons can be dropped to 65000 ft. Precision will be degraded for bombs and clouds at low altitudes can prevent the firing of Maverick missiles. .

If you know their location, you can engage them at low altitude by staying out of their reach. Portable SAMs have a range of 3NM and AAA a range of 1NM. Missiles Maverick have a range of 8NM and can be fired at low altitude, but be aware of terrain that may obscure the target and force the pilot to come closer.

fatgreta1066 -> RE: Escort behavior with strike packages (8/22/2018 4:58:08 PM)

Thanks fellows that's a lot of excellent feedback, pretty much what I needed. I am still curious if Mavericks / Walleyes or any other standoff, non-ARM type weapon would be fired by escorts at targets engaging the strike planes, if anyone knows that one way or the other. This is very very helpful though.

DWReese -> RE: Escort behavior with strike packages (8/22/2018 5:30:42 PM)

The munitions that you mentioned are all ordinance that would be delivered by a striking a/c. The HARMs, I know for sure, can be used by Escorts. But, in my test trials, after the HARMs were fired, the Escort RTB, even though he had other ordinance available, including ATA.

I believe that if you want them to strike at something, then you would need them to be on a strike mission.

Since there are so many different factors involved, the only way to "know" for sure, would be testing it out. Sometimes, some boxes can be "checked" which can allow certain things to happen, or not.


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