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bcbarnesRR -> Maneuvering while at 0 kts (8/15/2018 3:58:24 AM)

Submarine. v1.14 build 998.10. Sitting on the bottom (as deep as possible) and at 0 kts (trying to hide) but apparently, if I plot a course using F3, the submarine will turn to face the new direction while maintaining 0 kts. Does this imply that CMANO doesn't really care what direction we're facing - i.e. will a sub facing toward or away from an enemy affect the enemies ability to detect the sub with active sonar? (presumably facing toward/away would minimize the profile and make the return sonar signal that much weaker?)

apache85 -> RE: Maneuvering while at 0 kts (8/15/2018 10:16:55 AM)

Hey bcbarnestx,

Not at all; the relative heading of contacts is modelled and is actually quite important. You can see the effect of this in the database entries under sensor signatures; there are discrete front side and rear values which are applied based on the relative heading of the contact.

The fact that subs can change heading at speed 0 is more a factor of the scope of the simulation; while The Silent Service scenarios tend to focus on one unit at a time the simulation more commonly has you in control of 10+ units over the air, land and sea so having to micro a submarine to change heading would probably be too fine grained for that level of simulation.

bcbarnesRR -> RE: Maneuvering while at 0 kts (8/15/2018 5:36:05 PM)

Thanks for the info - I'll have to find something else to blame my troubles in sub tutorial 1.4 on ...

Just starting to play this again after a long time away and having a lot of fun.

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