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Redmoose -> Ground Units holding? (8/14/2018 3:06:38 PM)

I am working on a scenario and I am having a problem with my units "Holding", says it right next to their speed, but then it says they are Underway on plotted course. But they arent moving at all. Anyone know if this is a bug? Or is this intended to happen?

KC45 -> RE: Ground Units holding? (10/14/2018 12:05:29 AM)

Is that ship? or Facility?

BeirutDude -> RE: Ground Units holding? (10/14/2018 2:25:31 PM)

Facility. Some ground units can move (ZSU-23-4 for example). If I want them fixed I try to give them a manual "0" speed, but not sure if this will keep them fixed. A fixed option in scenario design would be a good help.

KC45 -> RE: Ground Units holding? (10/14/2018 6:43:54 PM)

Right now, There were to short information for me to help you.
And English is not my first language. SO I may not take your question 100%.

But here is some I have,
If you don't want to move the facility to engage. Just cahnge the Doctrine of the "Engage Opportunities" from No to Yes. Your ZU will attack when Hostile moving in to his attack range. and Don't move.

Or you can make AAW Patrol with Procecution Area, to allow them in side the Area.

If this is not info you wanted, can I get detail of the situation?

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