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ernieschwitz -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/22/2018 1:51:11 AM)


not sure if it is even counting new victory spots for Axis.

... and it is. It keeps counting forever, so people can determine their own victory conditions.

Bombur -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/22/2018 1:53:00 AM)

Itīs necessary to have 3 allied countries broken for the Axis to win.
Claus, the last version is already in the dropbox (100-2)

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/22/2018 2:06:21 AM)


Itīs necessary to have 3 allied countries broken for the Axis to win.

Not exactly. It is necessary to have 3 non-Axis countries broken for the Axis to win. There is also a need for Axis VPs to be more than the total VPs of non-Axis countries. Also at least two Axis countries need to be not broken.

Twotribes -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/22/2018 2:33:48 AM)

Well the only broken Country was China at the time.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/22/2018 4:19:45 AM)

3 April 1939

France is still guiding the defense of Poland, and Great Britain the defense of Romania. The brave eastern Europeans are causing Soviet losses, but their much stronger opponent has the cards.

The Germans stand by and watch. The Poles and Romanians call across the border that the Germans are watching their own future. Nothing the Soviets say can be trusted, and once they have physical possession of Poland and Romania it would be foolish to expect them to give it up.

In China both sides are attacking. The Chinese have had to call on their impressive reserves of manpower to reinforce hard fighting units. The Japanese too have brought many more units to the front.

ArmouredLion -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/22/2018 2:15:22 PM)

Krakow has fallen. Now the Polish army is nothing but a ragtag bunch. In Romania, Soviet veteran forces are pouring in. Resistance, so far, has been light. The experiences of Poland seem to have had a very positive effect on this new campaign.


cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/23/2018 2:30:35 AM)

1 May 1939

The Soviet soldiers are excited by their victories, but confused why they are invading their neighbors. They see German troops marching about in Soviet territory, and remember the Germans from the Great War, and the writings of the Germany dictator, and the brutal suppression of Communism in Germany. Why are we attacking our neighbors?

The area between Taiyuan and the Japanese lines is a cockpit, where troops battle back and forth.


cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/24/2018 3:08:39 PM)

29 May 1939

Full scale war in the west. Germany took Strasbourg, forcing two French divisions back. One of them was a division of chars, including the B1-bis. The French and British bombarded the Germans, including an airstrike by the RAF.

In China the antagonists trade blows, but the war has slowed down as both forces are balanced, taking terrain into account.

In Romania the Germans and Soviets are fighting the Romanians to see who can get to the prize of Ploiesti, and Bucharest. Much of the Axis effort is being borne by Bulgarians who got a bloody nose from Romanian attackers. Here is the map - who will win the race?


ArmouredLion -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/24/2018 5:05:53 PM)

May 1939

Stalin didn't take kindly to the German forces reaping gains on the blood of Soviets soldiers in Romania. The alliance is now canceled. Although, this by no means Germany is seen as an enemy. Borders between the two nations are being etched out amicably.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/25/2018 5:21:39 AM)

26 June 1939

Perhaps the Soviets are allowing the Germans a shot at Bucharest and Ploiesti for they did not push this month.

The Romanians have attacked in a couple places.


LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/25/2018 2:56:56 PM)

Possible new bug...

Declared war on Denmark so I could invade Poland and Romania. Russia broke the alliance and while my troops in Poland were re-positioned randomly in Germany. ALL the Allied units in Denmark and Poland DISAPPEARED. Leaving no enemy to beat in those two countries. I captured the cities unopposed and in FULL health.

I am now racing with Russia to the oil fields in Ploesti. Bulgaria is taking a big hit in the campaign but it gives me a slight advantage in the race. I am trying to talk Russia into not contesting my taking Ploesti and the road to Bulgaria through Romania.

Could be a problem with the break alliance logic which means it may be Vic's to fix. Wonder if the French troops reappeared in France?

Bombur -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/25/2018 3:22:26 PM)

Hmmmmmm......seems to be related to a breaking alliance code.
The German Soviet alliance was a short lived one, I wonder what happens now.

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/25/2018 4:18:41 PM)


ALL the Allied units in Denmark and Poland DISAPPEARED.

I have absolutely no idea what has happened.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/25/2018 4:24:20 PM)

No problem guys, the Danes scooted as many as possible to other locales, and the Poles became fierce partisans!

In other words I disbanded, and sailed units away.

Don't worry, we will be back!


LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/26/2018 2:49:25 PM)

Hmmm. I did not see a message in the review what's happening that units were moved or disbanded.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/26/2018 11:46:52 PM)

The review might have caught the movement. I don't think any review has ever showed disbanding, which is really difficult for an enemy to detect.

24 July 1939

The Romanians are furious with the perfidy of the Bulgarians, and with British help, plastered them.The Germans and Soviets are gaining the upper hand however.

ArmouredLion -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/27/2018 1:00:19 AM)

July 1939

For the sake of peace, Stalin has transferred Soviet-controlled territories into German hands to stabilize borders and relations. Stalin has decided that a Soviet and German war over the Romanian oil fields isn't in Russia's best interest. A small parcel of land was asked in return for all of this generosity.

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/27/2018 2:05:35 PM)

Germany has requested a slight adjustment to the borders in Poland and has agreed to the small parcel of land in Romania being ceded to the Soviets. We are doing our best to avoid a Soviet-German conflict. I would hope the Soviets will wait until we have agreed to new borders before they end our alliance and would thank the Soviets for their generosity.

The 6th Army has joined the Austrian Army in Romania so I feel the rest of Romania will soon fall. The Bulgarian Army can now take some time to heal. The German Luftwaffe is gaining much experience in Romania which will be useful in the Low Countries and France.

Meanwhile on the Western Front the French and British seem to have built a large force to hold the Low Countries and France. As of now only artillery and air attacks seem to be in use. That will soon change.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/27/2018 2:52:30 PM)

21 August 1939

In Romania the defense remains fierce, with the Germans taking the losses this month. They die just like the Bulgarians did.


cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/28/2018 10:11:37 AM)

18 September 1939

The Germans took Ploiesti and the Romanian Government has decided to release all the military. They have been told to take whatever opportunities are available to advance the Romanian cause. To avoid reprisals from a cruel foe they have not been specifically advised to form partisan bands. Many veteran Romanian soldiers will undoubtedly join Allied forces after exiting the country.

The defense Romania mounted against two aggressor nations has reshaped this war causing multiple shifts in alliance among her enemies. The need to take her oil has drawn large troop concentrations to her borders. This war has certainly been a proud moment in Romania's history.


ArmouredLion -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/28/2018 1:49:55 PM)

Sept 1939

The end of the Soviet and German alliance is now official. The land is divided and no further alliance between the two nations is expected. Stalin has activated a new mobilization of manpower, beyond the vast calls of 1938, to fill out its military ranks in order to protect these new land acquisitions and defend Mother Russia properly.

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/29/2018 3:30:07 PM)

Romania is now in control of the German war machine. They disbanded leaving their capital undamaged by war. The Ploesti Oil Field is now producing at 110% (yep I used the increase oil field production research). Outfitting and completing the reorganization of the Hungarian and Bulgarian Armies is underway.

With peace established in the East I have turned my full attention to the Western Front. I am somewhat surprised at how large the French and low countries' Armies have become. I am building siege guns to destroy the fortresses and will soon be attacking with experienced Armies from the Eastern Front.

Italy is having troubles maintaining an Army at Peace...I don't see how they can be useful in any real sense in this war.

Japan has started a major buildup in China and will be unveiling new units and better equipped units soon. Will soon be using air and artillery units to reduce the Chinese resistance before committing my ground troops to combat. Hopefully that will keep unit losses lower. Supply is a problem as the American morale blockade has lowered supply levels.

Bombur -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/30/2018 1:07:51 AM)

Do you have any early impression on naval combat?

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/30/2018 1:49:25 AM)

16 October 1939

The French, Belgians and Dutch continue to harass the Germans across their borders. The extensive bombardment, nearly every border hex is hit, reduces readiness, as it destroys forces.

The British use the RAF to the same effect. The Spitfire, with superior numbers, has hurt the Luftwaffe. Great Britain has also attacked the U-boats with aircraft from Coastal Command, escorted by the RAF. We have had some success, but the U-boat fleet is very large. We are not sure where all elements of the U-boats are, but they are surely up to no good.

The Chinese are suffering under the Japanese air attacks, and the IJN continues to attack at Canton. Our artillery is active, and we sortie out for an attack when we can.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/30/2018 10:21:46 AM)


Not very much so far. The RAF has been attacking U-boats in a bastion between Kiel and Hamburg. They are using Hudsons, and have claimed some subs, but there are so many. Germany has two shipyards, and is pumping out SS3 at a fast pace.

I caught some SS2 with my SS3 and the results were as expected.

ArmouredLion -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/30/2018 1:11:31 PM)

Oct 1939

Soviet and British peace has been achieved after much negotiation and patience on the part of Stalin. Stalin has graciously extended an offer of peace to France. Given France has problems enough with Germany growing nearer and near to Paris, it would be wise for them to accept this magnanimous offer.

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/30/2018 2:18:29 PM)



Do you have any early impression on naval combat?

Yeah. How to say this. I don't think the anti-supply algorithm is anywhere near correct. Subs have a limited range and staying power. Subs sent to US waters during the war could not move very far and stay in those waters. So hitting cargo ships with anti-supply is vastly overrated. Range is also too far. If a sub was to move that far it would run out of fuel and never make it home. This is true for surface ships also. Some patrols in American waters went home empty handed because of the difficulty of detecting ships and the relatively short staying time of the subs.

Blockades out in the open ocean were NEVER successful because the ocean is BIG and ships are small. Ships could move into the same hex and not even know they were there. The range of open ocean detection of subs is measured in small single digit miles while the hex is measured in the upper tens of miles. Even later in the war detection was only possible because of the large number of radar equipped aircraft and ships being used over the choke points of the ocean (between land masses and near ports). Early in the war radar had a short range and was not very useful in the detection of ships although it could detect aircraft at a larger range. Plus cutting off ships retreats with a few ships is laughable considering the size of the ocean and the ships detection ranges.

The allies killed a large number of whales thinking they were subs (unfortunately for the whales).

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/30/2018 4:45:44 PM)


So hitting cargo ships with anti-supply is vastly overrated.

"The only thing that really frightened me during the war was the U-Boat peril." - Winston Churchill

These turns are a month long. The wolf packs and radio allowed subs to concentrate, despite each subs limited detection radius.

The same point could be made about combat between ships. This should be thought of as a month of sparing, perhaps multiple battles. The one month turns require abstraction of tactical and operational naval warfare.

When warships, surface or submersible, sail up to attack London they are waging a month long campaign against Thames traffic, all abstracted, but in a fun way I think.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/30/2018 4:55:31 PM)


So hitting cargo ships with anti-supply is vastly overrated.

It is hard to accept that the USN campaign against Japanese shipping is overrated. It was perhaps among the top three decisive factors in the Pacific war. American subs, after an initial bad torpedo related stumble, went on to crush Japanese commerce.

GD1938 does a good job of representing this.

The defeat of a strong submarine threat in the game is difficult, but necessary.

ArmouredLion -> RE: GD1938V3 First Game (8/30/2018 10:06:51 PM)

November 1939

Finland becoming a proxy state controlled by Germany was received poorly by Stalin. Soviet arms production is set for unprecedented growth in the coming months. New technologies are being developed and put into service monthly. It would be very unwise to awaken the Russian Bear.

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