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TeaLeaf -> Haile Selassie THAT useful? (8/14/2018 12:11:59 AM)

The Situation:
Gibraltar is in German hands and Japan has emptied some Sea Areas east of Africa from allied convoys.
Now the allied forces in Egypt should be OOS, you may think.

Wrong (at least according to my 2.7.5 game):
CW forces in Egypt trace to Haile Selassie who has setup in Djibouti and who traces back to Addis Ababa and everybody is in supply and happy.
Well, all coastal forces, that is! The ones one or two hexes inland are OOS, even though they are also CW and can trace to Wavell (who is in supply from Selassie).

Now this confuses me... What is going on [X(].
The rules say a unit must be able to trace back to a primary supply source, and there is none. Addis Ababa only is a secondary for CW units, since its liberation. However, I can see that Addis Ababa is a primary for Selassie... who then ?supplies the CW troops in Egypt?
But if that's the case, then why are the units OOS that have to trace via Wavell -> Selassie. They are in desert hexes in fine weather, perfectly able to trace to Wavell who is in a coastal hex and thus able to trace to Selassie...

Does this all sound correct or is there something buggy going on???

Joseignacio -> RE: Haile Selassie THAT useful? (8/14/2018 7:10:48 AM)

I can only guess, without seeiing the units but:

- The units could be TERR, terr are in supply in their territory

- Maybe you are not playing with the rule that you need CONV TRS or AMPH to supply, in this case a NAV or an SCS could supply if there is an enemy in the sea , or supply would flow freely even without them if there are no enemy units, this would explain how CW coastal units may trace to CW nations.

- Remember (just in case) that desert hexes have a +1 for suply range


Just some ideas...

Centuur -> RE: Haile Selassie THAT useful? (8/14/2018 11:30:47 AM)


supply path either to a primary supply source or via another secondary
supply source. That other secondary source must also be able to trace
a supply path either to a primary source or via another secondary
source, and so on. There can be any number of secondary supply
sources in this chain but it must end up at a primary supply source of
the unit tracing the path.

The rules are clear. So this sounds like a bug to me. Haille Selassi is of course in supply but the CW units should not be, according to your description.

I would like to see a gamesave for this one to investigate. Can you zip the file and upload it in here?

TeaLeaf -> RE: Haile Selassie THAT useful? (8/14/2018 11:36:09 AM)

If you want to see units, check the savegame [:)].
No, the units aren't Terr, and yes I am playing with the limited overseas supply rules. And also with isolated reorganization limits (I just can't play the game without it anymore).
There is still a convoy line from Egypt to Djibouti and the units in the desert can trace 1 or 2 desert hexes (weather is clear there now) to Wavell at the coast. The HQ can then trace to Selassie for them.

I am just wondering if Selassie could provide supply for all the CW units in this fashion or not.
If he can, then shouldn't the units in the desert also be in supply? If he cannot, then all CW Naval, Air and Land forces in Africa should be OOS.

@ Peter: yes that's the rule I had in mind.
I can still see however where the confusion might start (and not only for a computer program [;)]), since Addis Ababa is a primary for Selassie, who is the one tracing the last part of the chain...

Joseignacio -> RE: Haile Selassie THAT useful? (8/14/2018 1:11:53 PM)

Selassie is, in any case, a secondary source for all non native units, same as Addis Ababa.

All non native CW units need to trace through any number of secondaries (and only once through sea) to India, Australia, GB, Canada or SA, which are primaries.

Edit: It's primary for Selassie and native units but not for other CW units, be it through Wavell or directly from Selassie.

TeaLeaf -> RE: Haile Selassie THAT useful? (8/14/2018 1:55:10 PM)

We agree to agree then, so it is a bug. Or at least not Working As Designed I suppose.

Centuur -> RE: Haile Selassie THAT useful? (8/14/2018 3:39:21 PM)

Yes, it's a bug. [:(]

paulderynck -> RE: Haile Selassie THAT useful? (8/14/2018 4:24:59 PM)

Not sure it's a bug and for some reason can't download the attachment in post #4 to check further.

What is the primary source for the CW units? If there's no path to India or other CW HC then no CW units should be in supply.

paulderynck -> RE: Haile Selassie THAT useful? (8/14/2018 4:34:52 PM)

OK managed to D/L the save. I can't see how any of the CW units can be in supply.

Looks like a bug.

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