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Eagle-FZS -> East Front LCG - Conquest of the Crimea (8/12/2018 9:09:52 AM)


The conquest of Crimea was carried out by the 11th Army under the command of General of the Infantry Erich von Manstein. The German 65th Infantry Regiment was subordinate to the 11th Army and was involved in the conquest of the Crimea. On September 7, 1941, the advance through the Nogaische steppe begins on the isthmus of the Crimea near Perekop. On September 13, 1941, the regiment took over the security of the northern coast of Zsivash and the isthmuses at Ssalkovo and Genichesk. From 18 to 27 October 1941, the regiment was involved in the breakthrough battle at Yushun. The regiment made heavy casualties over the open Zsiwash and secured the left wing of the division against stubborn enemy attacks. It followed the push through the Jaila Mountains to the south coast of the Crimea. The regiment attacked Kuru-Usen under the exemplary leadership of Colonel Haccius across the mountains, and thus the 65th Infantry Regiment became an elite regiment in the Crimea.

to find on Feldzugschmiede

DM729 -> RE: East Front LCG - Conquest of the Crimea (8/16/2018 1:14:49 PM)

Hi Eagle, I've been able to download all your files so far but this one redirects to a Feldzugschmiede Forum page which states "wrong D tan... go back and try again!"
I can't seem to download either the german of English version of the LCG.

I wonder if anyone else is having trouble downloading the file.

All the Best, Don

Eagle-FZS -> RE: East Front LCG - Conquest of the Crimea (8/16/2018 6:40:04 PM)

My original server was in maintenance mode on the day of release, so I uploaded the files to the Forum HP of the Feldzugschmiede. The files were also downloaded several times.
Today I uploaded the files to the original server and updated the links on the Feldzugschmiede blog.
Hope it works now with you

DM729 -> RE: East Front LCG - Conquest of the Crimea (8/16/2018 7:48:49 PM)

I just downloaded it.
Thanks Dirk!

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