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IBender -> Question Tactic Bacon Mod (8/4/2018 9:33:45 PM)

While playing with the Bacon Mod as a pirate, I noticed abandon ships in a system. I then moved in some construction ships and in short order was able to move some of the smaller ships out quickly, but the larger ships Battleships. Took forever and forever and forever to leave system. Does anyone have a suggestion regarding this? As it is I am unsure they are worth the time to repair as years later I am still waiting for the 2 I repaired to return to my home system.

Second question is regarding the starting pirate resupply ship. Normally I would use it an aggressive way. ie park it in a system I want to control as the ship is fairly powerful and can help defend the system I want to control. A good 15 years of time has passed and my resupply ship has yet to leave my system ..its still making its way to the edge so it can enter warp. In fact I see now its out of fuel lol. Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks a bunch

Aeson -> RE: Question Tactic Bacon Mod (8/5/2018 1:39:23 AM)

Your problem in both cases, I believe, is that the Bacon Mod does something that the game's pathing algorithm is not designed to handle. Specifically, the Bacon Mod makes it significantly more likely that a ship will encounter a neutral wide-area jump inhibition field in the vicinity of its origin, its destination, or both centered on something far enough away from the origin or terminus of a ship's path that the way in which the ship crosses the field has a nontrivial impact on total travel time and thus fuel required to make the trip.

The game's pathing algorithm is to the best of my knowledge a simple minimum-distance algorithm, which is fine in the unmodded game because all jump inhibition fields are small and the vast majority are centered on things very close to or coincident with the origins or termini of most paths anyways. The "gravity wells" that the Bacon Mod adds to stars - system-scale jump inhibition fields centered on the star - will in many cases make the minimum distance-path a bad path, at least insofar as far as fuel economy and travel time are concerned, because the minimum-distance path will often have a ship crossing a significant part of a system-scale jump inhibition field at sublight cruise speed, and traveling at sublight cruise speed is significantly slower and consumes significantly more fuel per unit of distance traveled than traveling at hyperspeed. Essentially, the Bacon Mod's "gravity wells" break the game's pathing algorithm - not so badly that the game doesn't work, but badly enough that you're likely to be better off manually ordering ships to proceed to the nearest point on the system boundary and then to their actual destination than to order ships to go directly to their actual destination.

IBender -> RE: Question Tactic Bacon Mod (8/5/2018 2:21:55 AM)

Thank you very much that was a really helpful answer in many ways.

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