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IBender -> trying to understand the results... (7/31/2018 3:11:33 AM)

See attached screen shot. I am not trying to conduct a good attack, this was a practice attack to see if I could correctly anticipate what the results might be and to see if I understood what the results where afterwards. All optional rules are on.

As you can see nmodified roll 6, modified to 16 (makes sense) 2d10 chart I see in red, 1/R Reading what that should mean...I read it as Attacker loses 1 unit and remaining defenders must this fight as there is no where for defenders to retreat they will be destroyed I assume. What is confusing me a lot is why 'Attcking units are disorganized" How does 1/R = attacking is entirely disorganized?

Thanks in advance.

Courtenay -> RE: try to understand the results... (7/31/2018 3:21:37 AM)

Any result of a 16 on the 2d10 table will result in the attacker being disorganized. I have seen two different color codings used on different 2d10 tables (Same tables, just colored differently). Either white or red means the attacker is disorganized, brown or yellow means half disorganized, and green (on both tables) means not disorganized. In this case your table was red, so attacker disorganized. On a 17, the attacker would have been half disorganized.

paulderynck -> RE: try to understand the results... (7/31/2018 5:28:58 PM)

The general rule is that if the result includes an asterisk, the attacker is not disorganized and if the defender loses more units than the attacker, or retreats, then his surviving units are disorganized. Otherwise the attacker is always disorganized although the 2D10 table also has another symbol to indicate half the surviving attackers are disorganized.

The new CE version of the game has added the half disorganized result to the 1D10 table.

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