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Red2112 -> Rogue Like.. (7/26/2018 3:08:42 PM)

Well not all games should be guns blazing, and not all games should be paid for [:D]

To prove that a good game dosen´t have to be expensive and/or have awesome graphics, here are three games that aside from being FREE, have a very small footprint (size) and are as indepth as any of the wargames we play or more!

If you can get passed the simple UI and graphics, you will find how good and deep these games are. Plenty of videos on YT to prove what Iam saying.

Anyhow, now all of you looking for free good games have no excuse to enjoy yourselfs!

Cataclysim: Dark Days Ahead...

Dwarf Fortress...

UnReal World:

YT Videos...

Cataclysim: DDA:

Dwarf Fortress:

UnReal World:

Have fun!


DonCzirr -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/26/2018 3:36:52 PM)

Thanks for the suggestions.

I would also add a cheap game with very high quality / depth and Dev support but not jaw-dropping graphics:

Kuokkanen -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/26/2018 5:00:04 PM)

1 more:

And I have read Nethack is still in development and has got new versions in recent times.

wodin -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/28/2018 9:20:40 PM)

Unreal World is excellent. Also the famous Dwarf Fortress. These are games that show it doesn't have to be about graphics..gameplay is what it's all about.

Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/29/2018 12:05:28 PM)

@wodin, if you like UnReal World, might really like "Wayward". Although I think it´s a bit harder!

Yet a couple more great free clasics...

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup:
You can either play on your browser, or download.

Tales of Maj´Eyal:

And some good pay for ones...

Caves of Qud:


ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery):

Not quite as hradcore but never the less good (rogue-lite)...

Will get this sooner or later!

Already playing this one.

I recently supported "Embark", a mix of Rimworld, Dwarf Fortress and Minecarft. There´s also some "Sims" to it, It´s also similar to Stoneheart...



E -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/29/2018 2:41:13 PM)


pzgndr -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/29/2018 4:05:39 PM)

Shrapnel Games has Approaching Infinity which is pretty fun, a "science fiction rogue-like game of infinite intergalactic exploration and adventure." But sadly no longer supported.

Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/29/2018 5:16:46 PM)

A quite unique RL from the makers of Endless Legend and Endless Space.

A mix of tower defence, RL and RPG...

Dungeon of the Endless:

YT Guide/tutorial:


E -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/30/2018 7:16:43 AM)


Kuokkanen -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/31/2018 8:18:08 AM)

Has anyone in here played Nethack or ADOM lately? How are those now compared to the 90's?

Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/31/2018 10:44:31 AM)

@Kuokkanen Not sure but there are some gameplays on YT...

Pathos is a new Nethack like RL...

and here´s a fun to watch live playthrough of Caves of Qud with the dev and fans...



Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/31/2018 2:07:13 PM)

@Kuokkanen Forgot about ADOM, sorry! Same thing, plenty of YT videos, but here´s the dev who tells you about the future of ADOM...


Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (7/31/2018 7:45:15 PM)

The new UI in Caves of Qud makes it a joy to play. You can still play the traditional way, and there are more options in the UI overall. Nice touch from the devs! [;)]

This is the GOG version...



Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/1/2018 7:49:52 PM)

Here´s a taste of what "Cogmind" is, at least the combat part. Polybot-7 was done for 7DRL. Read about it below (download link included)...

Real nice concept [:)]

Video with the dev:


wodin -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/2/2018 1:01:34 PM)

Love Armoured Commander, and 2 looks good too.

Also Sub Commander.

vonRocko -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/2/2018 7:15:58 PM)

I keep seeing this term "rogue like". Can someone explain what that really means when it comes to games?

wodin -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/2/2018 7:21:20 PM)

I read it as, graphic sparse but gameplay rich, permadeath, open ended, deep and detailed.

Just take a look at the gamer above and you'll see the similarities.


ORIGINAL: vonRocko

I keep seeing this term "rogue like". Can someone explain what that really means when it comes to games?

vonRocko -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/2/2018 7:28:47 PM)

Ok, thanks wodin.

Kuokkanen -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/2/2018 7:42:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: vonRocko

I keep seeing this term "rogue like". Can someone explain what that really means when it comes to games?

They're clones of Rogue game just like Panzer Corps and Order of Battle are clones of Panzer General. Nethack and Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) are the best known, and both have got graphical versions. DoomRL is Roguelike version of Doom. To sum it up: Roguelike games are top-down dungeon crawler RPGs with randomly (word 'procedural' is also used) generated maps.

E -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/2/2018 8:03:33 PM)


Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/3/2018 2:05:04 PM)

For those interested in "Cogmind", a couple of things to point out...

Buying direct from Grid Sage Games:

- If you buy the direct version (no DRM), you can also ask for a Steam key. Dev will send you a key via mail.
- Direct version has no install, it´s a folder (45mb) with all the stuff needed and the .exe. You simply launch the .exe.
- I suggest to hand-fill all the order form boxes. Don´t let W10 auto-fill the form, it will add none seen data in the VAT ID box that wont let you purchase the product.
- With the Direct version, W10 Defender will see it as malware on first launch. This is a known issue by the dev which is due to constante updates not tracked by W10. Just ignore it (more options) and run the .exe.
- There is a way to see how the game will look in your native resolution on the product page. There is no zoom option so before buying I suggest you look into this as the map is quite small in view.
- See link below for manual.

Personally with Cogmind and Caves of Qud, Iam having alot of fun and will be doing so for a long time due to the content and ramdomly generated map/encounters/quest/avatar. A good investment IMHO.

Cogmind tutorial:



vonRocko -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/3/2018 2:20:11 PM)

Ahh..I think I got it now.
Thanks guys.

Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/5/2018 1:37:06 PM)

Cool modern RL with survival and crafting elements is on sale at GOG...

Subterrain: Be advised, not a easy game! Plenty of things to do on this one.
Rogue like with randomly generated sub-levels:

YT video to get you started...

Devs working on the second part.

Cryptark: If your looking for something more fast-paced. On sale too! Watch your money, as you loose it if you fail!

YT video:

Both games are quite tough to be honest, but then they wouldn´t be "rogue like/lite" if they were not.

Added content

Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/5/2018 6:21:07 PM)

Some history with Scott Manley with regards to what/how "rogue like" became...

More info (other DOS version) by Nookrium..


Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/7/2018 10:12:26 PM)

Sword of the Stars: The Pit Osmium edition Nice fun RL game, and even better at this sale price ($2.49) at GOG...



Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (8/10/2018 12:42:45 PM)

Prison Architect is on sale (%75 - €5) at GOG. This is a "Rimworld" like game.



Worth a buy video:



Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (9/8/2018 8:04:57 AM)

Spelunky, great little platformer rogue like game is on sale at GOG 85% off (€1,99)...


Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (9/22/2018 8:26:16 PM)

Soulblight, unique RL that Iam enjoying alot. Beautiful graphics too! You can pick it up in a bundle for €1,05...

YT video:

Ingnomia is free on Steam as a "open" alpha...

YT video:


Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (9/22/2018 8:41:37 PM)

Gonna need it for Soulblight...

YT Guide:

YT Combat guide:


added combat guide.

Red2112 -> RE: Rogue Like.. (10/13/2018 8:50:59 PM)

Love these two! specially Synthetik...

Synthetik: Legions Rising

YT playthrough:
Has online co-op too! Available on Steam, GOG and

Neon Chrome

YT playthrough:
Available on Steam


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