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von Beanie -> Veteran German opponent wanted, GC 41-45 (closed) (7/16/2018 10:06:34 PM)

Veteran Soviet player ready for a second server game using the latest update.

Grand Campaign, version up to you. All options negotiable to produce a competitive game. Suggest your preferences.

I'm looking for a reliable opponent that wants a good game, not someone that resorts to gamey tactics, such as the Panzerball in 1942. In return, I will conduct a fighting retreat in 1941 rather than just fleeing at full speed.

I can play a minimum of one turn per day during the summer months.

DarenMoss -> RE: Veteran German opponent wanted, GC 41-45 (7/24/2018 5:40:33 PM)

appy to play and consider myself a good German player - 6 victories against AI opponent (4 German & 2 Soviet) and am a long term wargamer but have yet to try a human opponent.

Prefer random weather (always surprises) but happy with non-random weather if that is your preference.
Likewise, I think the Soviet has too much transport so I set it to 85% when playing as soviet to force me to choose between factory evacuation and unit movement but as you are the soviet player will leave this to you.

My preference is to play to value tactics/strategy so I avoid gamey options like "panzer ball" and only use Panzer HQs to supply panzers (though I occasionally attach a panzer to a corps where the leader has 7M 7I or 8I 8M ratings to practice combined operations).

Likewise I dislike Soviet players who exploit the rules by simply running away to overextend German supply line and/or hide the soviet airforce in the National Reserve as neither would happen in real life. However, I am perfectly happy for soviets to ignore Stalin's no retreat rule and conduct a fighting retreat to next set of defensible terrain such as next river line.

I travel a lot, so prefer PBEM to server so I can conduct my turn on laptop when I have no wifi connection.

von Beanie -> RE: Veteran German opponent wanted, GC 41-45 (7/25/2018 2:15:26 PM)

PM sent

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