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cpt flam -> Worst gamble II (D21 4.6) (7/15/2018 6:29:37 AM)

Army Group North

first units are at the gates of Siauliai and Vilnius

first line of defense has been mopped up

air operations are good: 54 vs 2 150

next targets are Riga and Pskov


cpt flam -> RE: Worst gamble II (D21 4.6) (7/15/2018 6:32:14 AM)

Army Group Center

we are closing to Bialystok

some units are isolated

we need quickly Minsk


cpt flam -> RE: Worst gamble II (D21 4.6) (7/15/2018 6:35:43 AM)

Army Group South

contact established with Lvov

some more isolated

next objectives are Stalin line and later Kiev


cpt flam -> T2- June 25 1941 (7/16/2018 6:52:28 AM)


a raid is made to Riga, where bridge are intact

2 Rifle div are isolated
some cleaning has been made

few air losses 22 vs 286


cpt flam -> RE: T2- June 25 1941 (7/16/2018 6:56:06 AM)


Vilnius failed, this will bring reinforcement

2 Tank & 2 Motorized divisions which were around Bialystok are isolated
they will disappear soon, nothing going to the pool


cpt flam -> RE: T2- June 25 1941 (7/16/2018 7:00:26 AM)


spear unit arrived in Tarnopol

Lvov is cleared

3 Tank and 2 Motorized will not received replacement before they disappear [:-]


cpt flam -> T3- June 29 1941 (7/17/2018 7:49:43 AM)


Polizei division arrived in Riga

infantry units are running to join motorize ones

air losses 11 vs 88
to know i look after the first part of the turn and see multiplier used


cpt flam -> RE: T3- June 29 1941 (7/17/2018 7:52:22 AM)


large view to show part of Pripet marsh

the 52nd Infantry division appeared in Vilnius


cpt flam -> RE: T3- June 29 1941 (7/17/2018 7:54:39 AM)


pockets have been cleared

Slovak and part of Hungary mobilized
next time Rumania will awake


cpt flam -> T4- July 2 1941 (7/18/2018 9:57:18 AM)

i made a mistake and lost my file, so no pic

air losses 26 vs 162

cpt flam -> T5- July 5 1941 (7/18/2018 10:01:03 AM)


progress continue but supply begin to lighten

no more possibility for para ops

air war 27 vs 74, they are far away and begin to recover


cpt flam -> RE: T5- July 5 1941 (7/18/2018 10:05:06 AM)


Minsk is finally taken

i will perhaps order some motorized to rest a turn to recover


cpt flam -> RE: T5- July 5 1941 (7/18/2018 10:07:04 AM)


Proskurov is in our hands

some more Tank divisions are isolated


cpt flam -> RE: T5- July 5 1941 (7/18/2018 10:09:03 AM)

farther south

the Prut river is crossed by part of 11th Army and III Rumanian corp


cpt flam -> T6- July 9 1941 (7/20/2018 9:49:05 AM)


2 corps activated
they begin to take first line of defense

air losses 14 vs 130


cpt flam -> RE: T6- July 9 1941 (7/20/2018 9:53:14 AM)


i got few problems
1st can't repair the bridge in Minsk
2nd few rail repair even with 2 (or 3) engineers together

some units are in rest: 3rd and 17th Panzer and 20th Motorized
this way infantry are opening the way


cpt flam -> RE: T6- July 9 1941 (7/20/2018 9:57:26 AM)

AGS large view

Stalin line is broken except in the north

first units are along the Dniester

2nd Rumanian corp is leaving the marsh at the Danube mouth

60th Motorized is guarding position in this sector too


cpt flam -> T7- July 13 1941 (7/21/2018 7:41:34 AM)


Pskov and Parnu are taken

More units regroup: Totenkopf, 8th Panzer and 3rd Motorized

light air losses 26 vs 95


cpt flam -> RE: T7- July 13 1941 (7/21/2018 7:43:44 AM)


Polonne and Vinnitsa has been liberated

some units will be isolated


cpt flam -> RE: T7- July 13 1941 (7/21/2018 7:45:31 AM)

farther south

many units are isolated

next time to cross the Dniester


cpt flam -> T8- July 16 1941 (7/23/2018 6:09:22 AM)

no real change in AGN
Finns take Hanko

AGC large view

actual rail head are noted yellow

in the Pripyat marsh are: 1st Cavalry, 10th Panzer, GD and a small infantry corp


cpt flam -> RE: T8- July 16 1941 (7/23/2018 6:12:28 AM)


Berdychiv and Zhitomir come to our control

no reinforcement this turn
few isolated


cpt flam -> RE: T8- July 16 1941 (7/23/2018 6:15:17 AM)

Rumania and 11th Army

Dniester is crossed in 2 places

some isolated are destroyed but some more to treat


cpt flam -> T9- July 20 1941 (7/26/2018 7:15:08 AM)

advance continue in AGN

first real counter-attack by Russia causing some retreats

12th and 20th Panzer + 20th Motorized are on rest


cpt flam -> RE: T9- July 20 1941 (7/26/2018 7:19:13 AM)


98th Infantry arrived and is located north of the isolated Panzer

Italian corp is on train

14th Panzer and 25th Motorized are resting
air losses 27 vs 66

i will show losses on turn 11, this will have 10 turns of replacement


cpt flam -> T10- July 23 1941 (7/28/2018 6:20:42 AM)


we are advancing around lake Peipus

207th security division will go to anti-partisan work

interesting air losses 49 vs 291


cpt flam -> RE: T10- July 23 1941 (7/28/2018 6:23:32 AM)


counter-attack by a Mechanized corp retreated 10th Motorized units

7th Panzer and 18th Motorized are resupplying


cpt flam -> RE: T10- July 23 1941 (7/28/2018 6:26:52 AM)

south large view

16th Motorized is taking rest

LAH and Wiking form the spearhead toward Kiev

Army are identify as objectives will be differents


cpt flam -> T11- July 27 1941 (7/29/2018 4:02:58 PM)


i failed an assault against Tallinn

air losses 63 vs 183

infantry losses are big for HRS and Moto


cpt flam -> RE: T11- July 27 1941 (7/29/2018 4:05:27 PM)


3rd,20th Panzer and 18th Motorized are resupplying

here are AFV losses, only one model is too much


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