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wzfcns -> Battle of East Xuzhou 48 (7/6/2018 4:04:44 PM)

1948-Battle of East Xuzhou(Phase 1 of Xuzhou 48)
Date: From 6-11-1948 to 23-11-1948
Location: Xuzhou
Time scale: half week per turn
Length:6 turns
Unit scale: Corp


Xuzhou Anti-bandit HQ

Xuzhou Anti-bandit HQ: red on blue
3rd Pacification Zone: black
7th Corp Army: blue
2th Corp Army: brown on blue
13th Corp Army: white on blue
16th Corp Army: black on blue
Air Force: red on green

EC Theater

ECFA:white on brown
Shandong Group:purple on brown
North Jiangsu Group:Green on brown

Note: Destroy each HQ can gain extra VP.Destroy NRA's unit will give PLA more equipment.

After the fall of Jinan to the Communists on 24 September 1948, the PLA began planning for a larger campaign to engage the remaining Nationalist forces in the Shandong province and their main force in Xuzhou. In face of the rapidly deteriorating military situation in the Northeast, the Nationalist government decided to deploy on both sides of the Tianjin–Pukou Railway to prevent the PLA from advancing south toward the Yangtze River.
To defend Xuzhou, NRA decided to retreat 7th Corp Army, which under Lieutenant General Huang Baitao's command,from Xinanzhen to Xuzhou,but also ask him wait for three days before 44th Army from Haizhou arrived.On 6 November,44th Army arrived Xinanzhen and joined 7th Corp Army, Huang Baitao strarted retreated.On 8 November they crossed canel.10 November arrived Nianzhuangyu,where only 40 km from Xuzhou.11 November,5 CPLA's Columns surrounded Nianzhuangyu,the Battle of East Xuzhou began.
12 November,Du yuming,the vice Commander of Xuzhou Anti-bandit HQ,command 3 Corpa Armys(2nd,13th,16th) move east and tried to break PLA's defence line to rescue 7th Corp Army.Both side suffered heavy loss in next two weeks.
21 November,7th Corp Army was in fact collapse,Huang Baitao commited suicide on 22 November.
23 November,all 3 Corpa Armys retreated to Xuzhou,,the Battle of East Xuzhou ended.
Update 9/7:fix some bug.make map bigger

newbie123 -> RE: Battle of East Xuzhou 48 (4/9/2019 2:47:10 PM)

Yo bro, you chinese? Nice drawn battlemap you got there. Is your scenario good?

StuccoFresco -> RE: Battle of East Xuzhou 48 (4/10/2019 7:08:15 AM)

Amazing map, dude! Will totally try the scenario.

mussey -> RE: Battle of East Xuzhou 48 (4/10/2019 5:38:51 PM)

Amazing, you can clearly see the ebb and flow of battle. This isn't just war, its art. Should be framed. Where did you get this?

wzfcns -> RE: Battle of East Xuzhou 48 (5/10/2019 1:28:56 PM)

This map from a book called 《戡亂戰史》(Record of Suppress rebellion),published by ROC Ministry of Defense.This book have hundreds that kind beautiful maps to describe every Major battles on 2nd Chinese civil war(1946-1955)

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