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WMMangus -> Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 1:28:32 PM)


Hi Everyone,

Think I have a problem. Installed ToTH - Normandy this morning. Or thought I did. My first clue was the instantaneous completion. Second clue was I couldn't find any scenarios or campaigns in the game listing.

Come to think of it I'd never actually LOOKED for any of the Kursk scenarios/campaigns (I know, I know. . . ). They aren't there either.

Reinstalled Kursk. It was instantaneous also [&:] .

When doing the installations I'm not given any pointing options, assumed installer found my base ToTH game on it's own. Also looked on C: drive - nothing there.

My question is: Where'd they go?

Any help/ideas appreciated.

Bill Mangus
Montclair, VA

Hailstone -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 2:03:06 PM)

Surprising to hear you didn't get an opportunity to re-direct where the game should be going yet I never had to manually do that
because the program installer finds the previous installation and defaults to that location. Have you tried a search for the files?

In Windows at the bottom left you can type a file name like Kursk and see what pops up and where.[:)]

WMMangus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 2:22:26 PM)

Tried that. Only web results come up[&:]

Inside the ToTH Folder on my G: drive where it's installed there is the Serialreg.txt file that contains the base game plus Kursk and Normandy DLC's and the serial numbers. Product version is 1.1.09, which is this most recent update I installed today.

No sign of campaigns or DLC scenarios. They are supposed to be in the Scenarios folder right?

zakblood -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 3:45:59 PM)

i'll run another test run now and post the results, mind you i either do a C install so this time i'll do D but not my external drive, which is a hot swap just in case it confuses it [;)]

WMMangus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 3:51:29 PM)

Thank you.

I've re-downloaded both the Kursk and Normandy DLC's and this time run them from the run/save option vice saving them and running from the saved file.

Same result; instantaneous completion and no new campaigns or scenarios are showing up.

Trend Micro AV was turned off.

zakblood -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 4:29:19 PM)

my results eg test 2�

none default install, on my second hard drive on my test pc, base game and latest update only mind you, but as all updates and DLC here follow the same rules and installers etc, which ever the base install is sent to, the updates and DLC's always auto find the base game

zakblood -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 4:38:05 PM)

trend and avast, not the greatest or most friendly AV either, with both giving issues to many games here, with off making next to no difference, better to add the game file installer and or folder to the safe list or white list, so not scanned on install or update or at all tbh, and not turn off, unless offline,...

99.9% of all viruses and Trojans etc or backdoor programs even don't install into other folders, they are made to hide or go where a certain amount of permissions are needed and auto given, eg C so unless written to do a given task, most are designed to do the most harm and mask themselves as something else, eg EXE

and to hit more users tend to be if made to mimic a given piece of software, something that more will use and then infect and re infect, so making it for war games, just wouldn't make sense, where as word or something like a FPS would, as higher numbers etc etc

zakblood -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 4:42:08 PM)

so in the end, my advice would be, uninstall the lot, eg all of the game and make sure the folder has gone to fully make sure after woods and also scan elsewhere to make a second install or left over files aren't lurking, then run a reg repair tool to double check, i use ccleaner as it's free, but there are others


all of them scan for part installs or bad installers and left over parts etc and removes them, so on a new install, you can be sure there is nothing left over to stop a new install going well.

download the latest version of the installers for all the DLC's you own and have the latest download / update / patch etc also with your serial handy.

have them saved somewhere on the pc, but not in a desktop folder, which is the worse place in windows to install anything from, or save anything other than shortcuts in etc.

good luck

WMMangus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 5:46:58 PM)

Un-installed from G Drive after making a copy of my Scenario, Maps and Graphics files.

Deleted ToTH remains and folder from G Drive.

Cold start.

Re-installed on C Drive. Checked base game - it is ok. Tried Kursk and Normandy again.

Same result; instantaneous completion. No change to base game. Serialreg.txt file shows both DLC's and serial numbers and base game version 1.1.09

Start menu shows base ToTH but no separate entries for either DLC.

(Saves and DLC's for all games are on separate external HD.)

(Added DLC install .exe files to Trend Micro exception list)

(Also ran DLC installers as "Administrator". No help.

(Running updater reports game is up-to-date.)

zakblood -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 6:11:00 PM)

peter or paullus will need to take a look then and see as i don't have access to the latest stuff so can't reproduce to test and give a better opinion or answer i'm sorry to say, so will pm him and ask to reply

WMMangus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 6:22:16 PM)

Thanks for the help. Appreciate it.

I'll wait for their contact.


Peter Fisla -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 6:26:02 PM)

Install the game first, then install Kursk or Normandy DLC and then install UPDATE5

WMMangus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 7:03:06 PM)

Thank you Peter, that's the order I followed. I'll try it again later today or tomorrow. Must go out to dinner tonight for work.

I'll post results then.

zakblood -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 8:19:08 PM)

it seems it maybe something on the pc, as it's been tested more than a few times at this end and can't atm be replicated, so for me, as the AV has already been mentioned, download all the patch and DLC's etc when you have another try and go fully off line, uninstall the AV program so you have none installed and reboot and retry while offline and see if it goes any better, good luck and hope you have a good meal out

Paullus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/6/2018 9:35:18 PM)

I would also suggest start Windows in Safe Mode and then install the Game.
You can follow VPaulus suggestion on how to here

WMMangus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/7/2018 12:27:16 PM)

Going to try and re-install, but first a question;

What is the file size for the two DLC's? Mine are 2.0 and 2.1 Mb's. Is this correct?

Peter Fisla -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/7/2018 12:48:45 PM)



Going to try and re-install, but first a question;

What is the file size for the two DLC's? Mine are 2.0 and 2.1 Mb's. Is this correct?

correct, the DLCs are just scenario files...

WMMangus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/7/2018 1:01:53 PM)

Re-install in safe mode, detached from internet and Trend Micro turned off (really don't want to un-install it) unsuccessful. Same issue as before; instantaneous completion (very nearly before I can release the mouse button!).

Sequence was:

Base game version 1.0.06
(tried installing Kursk - game asked for update 1.0.56)
Updated to 1.0.56
Installed Kursk
(tried installing Normandy - game asked for update 1.1.09
Updated to 1.1.09
Installed Normandy

Checked game. No Kursk or Normandy scenarios or campaigns in game listing. Otherwise game seems to run fine.

I'm out of ideas.

WMMangus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/7/2018 2:29:15 PM)

Well, I solved the problem - in a roundabout way.

Installed everything on my laptop. I will install but playing anything other than the smallest scenario is very, very slow.

DLC installation was successful.

Transferred everything from DLC's to game computer using thumb drive.

All good now.

Thank you Peter, Paullus and Zakblood.

Peter Fisla -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/7/2018 2:31:38 PM)

I'm glad to hear it, in UPDATE6 that I'm starting to work on, I further look into speeding up the game engine as much as I can.

Oxybeles -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/11/2018 1:34:01 AM)

I'm experiencing the same issue and do not have another computer to affect the current workaround!

Please fix.

dahunn -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/11/2018 6:56:33 AM)

Got the same issue. Bought Kursk DLC today, installed, no scenario's to be seen.....

Paullus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/11/2018 7:36:35 AM)

Anti virus programme interferes. Try this

Oxybeles -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/11/2018 8:32:10 AM)



Anti virus programme interferes. Try this

Although this is the only Matrix/Slitherine Product exhibiting this problem, I attempted the suggested resolution and was UNSUCCESSFUL!

Please fix the problem.

Paullus -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/11/2018 11:09:35 AM)

I will ask Matrix to help here. I've run out of ideas at the moment.

Tamas -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/11/2018 11:22:18 AM)

Hey guys,

The Normandy scenario files are in the latest update. The DLC installer that you receive after your purchase is used to unlock those scenarios.

That's why the DLC installer will not ask you for installation path, and it should work whether you install it after or before the latest update. And you should see the scenarios on your list regardless of whether you have purchased Normandy or not.
So please do make sure you are running the latest version: click on the Check for Update button on your launcher and let it run through the process.

dahunn -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/11/2018 5:13:31 PM)

no anti virus installed, dlc kursk still not visible....

zakblood -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/11/2018 5:27:09 PM)

as it says in the download


This DLC/Expansion requires Tigers on the Hunt to be updated to v1.1.09.

so make sure base game is first installed and upto date with the latest download shown above, then install the DLC

if you try is without, it won't work as per guide

base game, latest update then and only then add the dlc

dahunn -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/11/2018 5:28:33 PM)

dit that, how doe the kursk senario's look like?

zakblood -> RE: Ghost Installation (7/11/2018 5:33:30 PM)

you should see the scenarios on your list regardless of whether you have the DLC or not, you just won't be able to play them unless you install the DLC.

install base game and update to the latest version v1.1.09. and then try any of the scenarios, if it says you need to buy a given DLC, then you haven't installed it correct after the latest update so won't work, easy way then is to re add the DLC and it will be then unlocked

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