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Designing the scenarios for the Normandy DLC my aim was to create a wider range of scenarios than the Kursk DLC and that all of them should be challenging. I ended up with 3 shorter scenarios 5-6 Game Turns long, two medium length scenarios 10-11 Game Turns, one longer scenario 18 Game Turns and two Campaign Game Scenarios 42 and 44 Game Turn long. All the battles took place on the 6th of June or in the case of the battles depicted in the Campaign Game Scenarios started on the 6th of June. Here are some short notes on some of the scenarios.

029 - Wn 73
This scenario starts when Company C 2nd Ranger Battalion climbed the cliffs in front of them on Omaha Beach and found the German Strongpoint Wn73. This is an intense fire fight where the Rangers must clear the strongpoint and the Germans defending it. It is on a small map section and the battle starts immediately on Turn 1.


030 Left Alone on the Shore
This is a battle between German Guns of the 916 Infantry Regiment in the Strongpoints and American Shermans from Company B of 743rd Tank Battalion taken ashore by their LCTs. There is no infantry support to help the Americans. This is a short scenario of intense firefights. The player will need some luck but also a good strategy to win this.

031 Le Hamel
This is a scenario which also presents a Germen strongpoint but there is more terrain to use or avoid being able to win. The scenario is 11 Game Turns long and the British will have to move and attack wisely to clear the village while the Germans need to defend their position. Off-Board Artillery will also play a part in this scenario and make it more challenging.


032- Assault on the Merville Battery.
Idjester made an excellent Twitch stream on this scenario on the Slitherine Twitch channel. The British para has the task of capturing the 4 Casemates containing Artillery aiming at the beaches while the Germans off course defends them. It is a scenario with low visibility, 4 hexes which makes the movement of units riskier and surprises can turn up. The player has to look out for Machine Guns or units showing up behind the back.


033 - Pegasus Coup de Main and 034 - Pegasus Bridge Night Battle
These are two scenarios on the battle of Pegasus Bridge. The first scenario is a short one where the British must capture the bridge and the few Germans guarding it stop them from doing just that. To simulate the scattering a glider landing could mean, the British uses the quick setup button to randomly setup his units. I thought this would make the scenario different every time it is played. The Night Battle is a long scenario where the German counter attack after the bridge has been capture also are present. Night visibility of 2 hexes and an 18 turn long scenario makes this interesting and a different taste every time played. The bridge is a small path to pass but a hard objective to conquer and hold.


The Campaign Game Scenarios
I made two longer Campaign Game Scenarios of the All-Americans, 82nd Airborne Division drop in Normandy. Lots of interesting fighting occurred while the badly scattered 82nd managed to get control of their situation and accomplish their goal. Being Campaign Game Scenarios, they follow the special rules for Campaign Game Scenarios. They are:
- The scenarios follow a pattern of 8 Turns for Day Time followed by 4 Night Time Turns and after that 8 Day Time Turns and so forth until the Game ends.
- There is a Refit part of the Administration Segment first Player Turn after the 4 Night Game Turns which triggers the following actions.
o All Broken and Broken+ personnel units automatically Rally to Good order status
o All Broken Support Weapons will be repaired
o All Broken Ordnance will be repaired, and special ammunition reset
o All Broken AFV main armament and machine guns will be repaired and special ammunition reset
o Immobilized vehicles will make a mobility repair check and might become mobile again

CG004 - 82nd at Amfreville
This scenario is about Lt, Colonel Timmes landing outside the village of Amfreville and the development around the orchard later named Timmes Orchard. The Germans will try to push the Americans out and neutralise them while the Americans tries to hold the Orchard and possibly capture Amfreville. There is mostly Infantry fighting but some light Tanks will appear. The player will need to think longer in his/her strategy to win a Campaign Game Scenario. There will be reinforcements but not endlessly. Check your order of battle.


CG005- La Fiere Causeway
Not a long distant from Timmes Orchard lies La Fiere Causeway. The 82nd Airborne Division and the 91st Luftlande Division had a fierce fight for the Causeway that lasted several days. As the scenario starts the Americans has a small group in control of the bridge and the village of Cauquigny and a German counterattack enters the scene. American reinforcements are gathering from the 82nd at the east side of the bridge and Germans will counterattack to capture and hold the bridge. The battle of La Fiere Causeway is a fierce one. The player should be aware of the forces that arrives as reinforcements later in the scenario and use the assets wisely.


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