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Furbet -> Netplay Problem - Resolved (7/4/2018 9:57:12 PM)

Is there a generic netplay problem ?

Unable to restore any netplay game .... mwif mad except.

paulderynck -> RE: Netplay Problem (7/5/2018 4:22:51 AM)

Is this with the latest version of the program?

Furbet -> RE: Netplay Problem (7/5/2018 7:45:57 AM)

Checked with the last 3 versions, it maybe our installs, but wanted to see if others are having the same problem.


We downloaded the hot patch and installed 2.8.9 could not load any games so reverted to 2.8.4 (the previous version the save was in), still mad excepts, tried a copy of 'known good' previous saves and no joy. So it's either a server side problem or something has messed up one of out local installs. Wanted to see if others were having problems before re-installing etc.


Furbet -> RE: Netplay Problem (7/6/2018 8:09:57 AM)

This issue has been resolved by version

Thanks Steve

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