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Shannon V. OKeets -> Hot Patch Version (7/4/2018 2:10:07 AM)

Attached is a zipped file that contains the new MWIF.exe: version It also contains the Release Notes shown below.

The primary reason for this hot patch is to fix the problems #1, #4, #8, #9, and #10 described below.

I had a difficult time figuring out what was wrong for #8.

Release Notes for Version
(changes since Hot Patch

All Modes of Play

Air Operations
1. Fixed a problem with carrier air units capable of being bombers always being assigned as bombers in naval air combat. They can now be assigned as fighters.

Land Operations
2. Fixed a problem with resolving land combat using the 2D10 CRT where if both sides are able to use snow units and the defender declines, then the attacker was not given the opportunity to use its snow units.

3. Fixed a problem with land combat where if a defending unit is changed from Destroyed to No Effect, the number of units that needed to be destroyed was not being increased.

4. Fixed a problem with using a rail move to occupy Eastern Poland, when doing so forced a unit to relocate. This correction also allows for using rail move to ‘occupy’ other areas of the map.

Naval Operations
5. Made a small change in assigning the order in which the units in the naval abort queue are processed. This doesn’t change which units are aborted, only which ones are grouped together.

6. Added a check for whether a unit is at sea before determining whether it is Staying At Sea. Obviously, if a unit is already on land, it is not “Staying At Sea”.

7. Fixed a problem with Bottomed ships not always being bottomed.

Production Planning
8. Fixed a problem with USA to Japan resources not being delivered.

Use Oil
9. Fixed a fatal error in the Use Oil form when using oil from cooperating major powers and an HQ had been used as a primary supply source by expending a Supply Unit.

10. Fixed a problem with processing the Destroyed Pool when the optional rule Scrap Units is not part of the game.

11. Added a check for whether Norway is neutral to determining if Germany can trace supply through Sweden. This should shorten the time it takes to calculate supply substantially. Previously, the program would search the entire map looking for hexes in Norway that held German units. When Norway is neutral, there are never German units there, so tracing supply through Sweden isn’t possible. Therefore there is no need to search.

Game Save/Restore
12. Added code when restoring saved games to repair damaged games where if a naval unit capable of carrying other units is in a port and marked as carrying cargo, the cargo is unloaded. This does not apply to carriers.

13. Modified the code for restoring saved games to fix a problem with units appearing both on land and aboard a transport. They now are unloaded from the transport and appear only in the land hex. The transport was also corrected so it is not displayed as carrying the cargo (which had been disembarked or invaded).

14. Changed the code for restoring a saved game so the array Air Attack Hexes always exists, even if it is empty.

15. Reduced the width of the Selectable Units form (it had been increased by accident somewhere along the way).

16. Added a check to avoid a non-fatal error when trying to identify the capital of a territory that was converted to a minor country when its parent country was conquered.


Air Operations
17. Added checks to avoid possible fatal errors at the start of new air phases.

18. Added code to display die rolls for port attacks to the Axis player.

Naval Operations
19. Fixed a problem with continuing to move intercepted naval units.

20. Fixed a problem with ending a naval combat after both searches failed.

21. Fixed a fatal problem with processing a complex naval combat abort queue which has units from both sides aborting from different combat rounds.

22. Eliminated a redundant call to move cargo on a damaged naval transport to production ahead.

23. Added code to display the decision to abort or stay from a naval combat to the other player.

24. Fixed a problem with the second round of naval combat not starting if the attacking side decided to stay.

25. Fixed a problem in naval combat when both sides need to decide about committing subs.

Aranthus -> RE: Hot Patch Version (7/4/2018 2:08:46 PM)

Much appreciated. Thanks for all your work on this.

rkr1958 -> RE: Hot Patch Version (7/4/2018 3:23:44 PM)


ORIGINAL: Aranthus

Much appreciated. Thanks for all your work on this.
+1 [sm=happy0065.gif]

rkr1958 -> RE: Hot Patch Version (7/5/2018 6:35:40 PM)

Sorry to be a wet blanket but I encountered a fatal bug with 2.8.9 in returning CVP's back to their carriers. For details, and game turn, see:�

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