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Titan -> Weather in the UK (6/26/2018 11:49:45 PM)

My Opponent has launch operation sealion for the second game in a row with me defending with British... Its now end of Nov and every single turn in both games as German he gets fine weather launching Air-ops no worries, me on the other hand keep getting rain. This is now two games in a row he has been blessed with fine weather and last game he got that in December aswell. Is that just bad luck or normal?

vonRocko -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/27/2018 2:40:54 AM)

I know what you mean. This is my biggest gripe about the game. It is working as designed, but it is a bad feature. It seems to never go in my favor.

Titan -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/27/2018 2:49:09 AM)

Tell me about, when i need my carriers to disrupt his invasion, crutial turns i get bad weather then equally crucial when trying to establish himself he gets good weather to hit my ground targets, right through october nov and December..every turn.

PvtBenjamin -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/27/2018 12:13:43 PM)

I agree that having the same weather for two turns (Axis/Allied) would be preferable. I believe the argument is its an attack and then a counter attack. Over time it evens out statistically but annoying when it goes against you.

When the seas have storms and the land weather is fine I find I can often find a coastal hex with fine weather to use carriers.

YohanTM -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/27/2018 5:16:39 PM)

I also agree that weather should be consistent through the entire IGO/YOUGO is a construct for turn based wargames

Elessar2 -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/27/2018 6:04:30 PM)

It's a campaign design decision not a core game feature. Just go into the editor and twiddle the "Turn/Economic Data" to "simultaneous" turns. You will also, however, have to also double the turn lengths.

Christolos -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/27/2018 6:20:06 PM)

I don't see how having the same weather for two consecutive turns would necessarily help. At best, it would sometimes equalize air unit striking ability, but this presumes that the force that could retaliate with its airpower, has air units ready to do so.

What would happen if say the Axis attacks with significant air power on a clear day, but when it comes to the Allies (next) turn, their air fleet is too weak to do anything, and the next turn they can (after reinforcing on the consecutive clear weather day), they are thwarted because after two consecutive clear weather days, the odds would be likely that they would get a rainy day just when they would be ready...

This would also create an issue of messing with the probability of bad weather when approaching seasons where bad weather is more probable.

In the end, I agree it is not always ideal, but it can happen to both sides and having two consecutive days of similar weather, could mess with the timing of reinforcing damaged air units on bad weather days hoping for clear weather on the next turn.

Just my opinion,


sPzAbt653 -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/27/2018 7:04:37 PM)

It is annoying sometimes. I usually notice it when I am trying to take Malta, and every turn from Oct-Mar I get rain to ground my air units, but on more than half the turns the other side has clear weather and can fly. Arghh!

But its not really the weather that people don't like, its the effect of having non-simultaneous calendar turns, and I like it this way, adds some unpredictability that in the right amount can make it fun. How many times have I anxiously waited to see what my weather will be, only to see it crappy and I throw my arms in the air and scream 'CHEATIN' COMPUTER' and want to throw the darn thing out the window. It's all good fun.

Guderian1940 -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/29/2018 1:05:10 PM)

I understand it is a design decision. I also do not agree with it as I have preciously posted.

Is there any way to simply change the weather randomness to have more of a chance that it is the same?

I know that the turns are not simultaneous in having different time periods, another disagreement with the design, but it might help a little without making drastic changes to the game. It would either benefit or hamper both sides but at least it would not create an unbalanced situation.

Taxman66 -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/29/2018 2:17:42 PM)

You would think it wouldn't take much of a coding change to implement an option that only changes the weather on odd number (i.e. Axis) turns.

Elessar2 -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/29/2018 4:00:48 PM)

My remedy in #6 will essentially accomplish what you want.

Guderian1940 -> RE: Weather in the UK (6/29/2018 4:17:11 PM)

Not so simple. Doubling the turns doubles the production, research, diplomacy. You will have twice as much production points to spend etc.. It would require a lot of tweaking to get it right. Basically starting from scratch to adjust everything. I dabled a bit and adjusted resource values but it still required a bunch of other tweaks.

Need another solution.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Weather in the UK (7/3/2018 1:17:16 PM)

The current setup is most definitely a design decision, and it can of course be changed by anyone with a custom campaign version of the defaults, but as Guderian1940 noted, it will require signficant tweaks.

However I would argue that the current setup, while different from the norm, and seemingly less than optimal, is likely the better system overall.

For example, if we went with the suggested system that had the same weather for an Axis/Allied turn, this would over the long run, IMO, overwhelmingly favour the side that goes second, and in this case the Allied side if we are looking at the 1939 default campaign.


A) First half of the game, Axis is the aggressor, and they initiate most attacks and the Allies are guaranteed the same weather for their follow up turn. Advantage to the Allies since if it was a clear weather turn when the Axis initiated an attack on their turn, then the Allies are guaranteed to have a clear weather turn on their turn in response.

B) Second half of the game, Allies are more likely to be the aggressors, and they initiate most attacks and the Axis are NOT guaranteed the same weather for their follow up turn as the weather may or may not change at the start of every Axis turn. Advantage to the Allies here once again as they may be able to attack in clear weather and there is the possibility that the Axis will not be able to respond as the weather may have turned for the worse during their turn.

* * *

One thing we could do in the future is have the dates be the same for the Axis and Allied turns (and double the length of the turns to compensate), but if we do, I would still be in favour of the possibility of differing weather per side for the reasons noted above.

As it currently stands there is some variability of weather between turns and you avoid the issue of one side always having the same weather as the other side if they go second in game, while the side that goes first does not have that same guarantee.

vonRocko -> RE: Weather in the UK (7/3/2018 5:36:14 PM)

Thanks for the explanation Hubert.

LLv34Mika -> RE: Weather in the UK (7/3/2018 8:29:27 PM)

I like it the way it is... in SC2 (same random weather) my entire invasion fleet was spotted in February because of clear skies. 6 amphibious ships were sunk, three more damagend. 2 HQs gone, one army, two tanks, one corps. That invasion was over.

Why I still like it better that way? More or less what Hubert says. The problem I see is that the Axis are starting. That means every spring they get the first turn of clear skies. If that happens the Axis will always have the advantage. No matter if we are speaking of Russia or UK. You want to defend but the Axis bombers make one or two sorties to spot targets, destroy some air units and you are crippled again and not able to counter attack anymore. If you stay out of range you can't attack yourself.

It can be annoying sometimes but I still wouldn't change it. The other thing is that the Axis always knows that there might be a counter attack.

Just my 0.02

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