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BK6583 -> HQ Assigments (6/20/2018 8:33:52 PM)

Playing the D-Day campaign as the Germans. Why can't I assign Army Group G to a HQ other than OKW?

Joel Billings -> RE: HQ Assigments (6/20/2018 10:29:59 PM)

Who else do you want to attach it to? Normally HQs must report to a higher level HQ, and OKW is the only high command HQ. A few of the Army Groups are attached to OB West when they enter, but that's a special exception.

BK6583 -> RE: HQ Assigments (6/21/2018 7:32:28 PM)

Well since I deployed it around the southern portion of the Rhine I was looking to attach it to OB West, which I thought was a higher HQ.

Joel Billings -> RE: HQ Assigments (6/22/2018 12:00:31 AM)

It should start attached to OBWest. If you attach it to OKW, you won't be able to switch it back since OB West is not a higher level HQ.

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