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Ephemeral -> How to create maps? (6/10/2018 4:33:46 PM)

I've never created maps for any hex games and so I am quite confused how to adapt real maps to hex grid. I tried to go the simplest way, so I downloaded needed map and simply put hex grid at top of it. Of course I got horizontal distortion as a result. What makes it worse is in my scenario all fighting happens in horizontal plane, so it actually affects realism of a scenario. So the question is it acceptable to have horizontal distances in game 15% bigger than in reality? Will it make my scenario bad or no one really cares about these distortions as long as map looks good?
Maybe I don't need to complicate things and just go and make the map my way. I think hex map won't fit if I will try to picture real map with precision and I rather focus on how to make hex map look good by simplifying unnecessary details.

Curtis Lemay -> RE: How to create maps? (6/10/2018 5:49:58 PM)

Have you seen my article on map making?:

Ephemeral -> RE: How to create maps? (6/10/2018 6:04:57 PM)

Yes, but it is little help because I use paper map. Also I remember I couldn't launch your program, but whatever. I guess I stick to my method because others are too much work.

Lobster -> RE: How to create maps? (6/11/2018 12:39:56 AM)

You might try this also:

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