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Erik2 -> Desert Rats campaign for Order of Battle (6/10/2018 10:35:41 AM)

Apologies if this post is not proper, please remove it if so.

I have created a campaign based on the excellent maps and unit research in Desert War.
This campaign is for the game Order of Battle: World War Two.
Unit size is regiments/battalions and I have added two additional scenarios, Operation Torch and Race For Tunis.
The screenshots is from the campaign editor in OOB displaying the last scenario, Race for Tunis. (The swastika is a graphic mod and not part of the official game).

I am a moderator on the Slitherine OOB forum and have created quite a number of campaigns and scenarios available there.
Again, hope this 'ad' for my custom work is OK.

Download link:
Slitherine thread


Rosseau -> RE: Desert Rats campaign for Order of Battle (6/12/2018 4:15:05 AM)

You open it up and looks better than the paid DLC. But cannot open my big mouth wider, as have not played through it.

Tremendous thanks. Wish someone would actually do a little modding with DW itself. Not one user scenario for this game is making me wonder. Even adding - or better - taking away some units. Just some small changes to a stock scenario would be refreshing.

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