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Year of the Tiger
November 4 2006

Version 2.0 for TOAW IV

Scale:10km/Full Day
Unit Size: Company/Battalion
# Of Turns: 60

-Historical Background-
Since 1983 Sri Lanka has been involved in a state of civil war. At the end of the 90's one group had risen to be the leader of the rebel cause, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). By late 2001 the LTTE had finally forced the Sri Lankan government to withdrawal what remained of its force from Jaffna City, the traditional capital of the Tamil state. By 2005 the LTTE had driven into most of the territory it claimed as the Tamil state. On January 5th, 2006 a cease fire brokered by the Norwegian government ended the fighting and offered an chance of peace to the war weary people of Sri Lanka. Unfortunately it was not to be. It took 4 months to even decide on place of the peace talks. The talks produced nothing, only more anger on both sides. On May 17th 2006 a truck bomb destroyed the Norwegian embassy in Jaffna. The LTTE accused Buddhist extremists in Colombo of planting the bomb. On June 19th, 2006 LTTE guerillas attacked the police convoy escorting the Indian ambassador to Sri Lanka. The entire delegation was killed. On August 12th Tamil extremists destroyed any hope of American sympathy for their cause when a car bomb killed 5 US Marines in a Colombo nightclub. All hopes of peace are forgotten.

conversion to TOAW IV by Larry Fulkerson 07Jun2018 fulkersonlarry60(at)gmail(dot)com

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