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DadeCariaga -> Airbase questions (6/7/2018 2:01:32 PM)

In his "sequence of play" document, Dr. King advises:

"- Airbases with a lot of damaged aircraft should send their air units back to reserve if the airbase doesn’t have enough support to repair them effectively. Also, air units with large numbers of “reserve” planes should go back to national reserve if they don’t have 100% fuel (usually a problem for the attacking side, since their airbases won’t be located on rail lines and there’s typically a shortage of trucks).
- Some commenters have said that as much as half of your air force should be in National Reserve at any point, so raise the threshold for fatigue/ready%/morale if you can."


1. How do I determine the number of damaged aircraft on a particular airbase? And how do I determine if the airbase has enough support to repair those aircraft?

2. How do I determine the number of "reserve" planes on an airbase?

3. How do I "raise the threshold for fatigue/ready%/morale?" And what are the factors that determine whether I should do so?

All this help and support is much appreciated.

Telemecus -> RE: Airbase questions (6/7/2018 2:10:35 PM)


ORIGINAL: DadeCariaga
Also, air units with large numbers of “reserve” planes should go back to national reserve if they don’t have 100% fuel

If you are using v1.11.02 the problem was fixed and you do not have to worry about this anymore

In the picture below circled in black you can see supply and support in an airbase followed by the need for the aircraft it has at the start of the turn. Having more than you need is ideal. The support needed just for aircraft (not anything else in base) is given in brackets after AV and is updated during the turn as you move airgroups in and out etc.


Telemecus -> RE: Airbase questions (6/7/2018 2:13:48 PM)

In the picture below you can see circled the number of aircraft in each airgroup which are damaged or reserved.

This is for a list of German single seat fighters. In this case if you reserved every fighter group with say over 10 damaged fighters you would be reserving about half your fighter strength.


Fatigue above also indicates rotating fighter airgroups through national reserve would do a lot to improve the air force too. So there are good reasons to reserve a lot. However if you need them a lot now but will have a quiet turn next turn (e.g. it is clear now, mud next turn) you may want to delay it. How much you flex the rotation in and out of national reserve and the thresholds you pick are a judgement you need to make in the game. The usual problem though is players keep too much out for too long ending up with a worse air force where they need to leave more out and so on down a vicious cycle.

DadeCariaga -> RE: Airbase questions (6/7/2018 2:37:25 PM)

Thanks very much! This is very, very helpful. By golly, I might learn this game yet!

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