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SDRobot -> No Steam key for Burma Road? (6/7/2018 3:40:28 AM)

I see that I can get Steam keys for all OOB DLC except Burma Road. Is this correct? Why is there no Steam key available for this one DLC?

zakblood -> RE: No Steam key for Burma Road? (6/7/2018 3:51:58 AM)

normally it's because the key, is a steam key, so can't be redeemed into another steam key

have you tried it?

and welcome to the board

SDRobot -> RE: No Steam key for Burma Road? (6/7/2018 4:08:42 AM)

Tried to. When I placed my order for US Marines and Burma Road and selected Paypal, the price changed from $17.34CDN for both titles to $15.39USD for just US Marines (Burma Road disappeared from the invoice). Guess I'm missing out on the sale.

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