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Jassol -> New player looking for opponent (6/5/2018 7:02:20 PM)

I´m a new player looking for an opponent to play Global War (either side). I prefer MWIF than vassal or email because the enforced rules. I am willing to play multiplayer also if that is allowed in MWIF (not sure of that). I'd like to use most optional rules including oil. Expect many strategical and tactical mistakes [:'(]

I have played other board wargames, I've read RAW7 2 twice and played Barbarossa and Guadalcanal scenarios solo.

I´m from Spain (GMT+1) and can play many days a week.


Crafol -> RE: New player looking for opponent (6/13/2018 4:36:55 PM)

Soy de Argentina, no he jugado nunca pero como quiero aprender compre el juego. Empece el escenario de Barbarosa, pero no lo termine.


Javstein -> RE: New player looking for opponent (7/9/2018 6:36:09 PM)

Tengo el MWIF desde hace poco y estoy practicando con él. Hace años jugué al juego de mesa, por lo que sé lo que es. Si se organiza partida a nivel principiante podría sacar tiempo.

Soy de España.


jeffspurlock1 -> RE: New player looking for opponent (11/28/2018 10:13:05 PM)

Did you ever find a game? I'm new to WIF but do like the computer version problem not enough players. lol I would be willing to give it a try but I'm also a beginner. PBEM

Jassol -> RE: New player looking for opponent (12/11/2018 10:18:19 AM)

Yes, I found an opponent months ago and I'm currently playing a MWiF game and Collector's Edition game. Not interested in another in another game right now, but maybe in the near future...

headhoncho -> RE: New player looking for opponent (12/11/2018 3:20:04 PM)

Sheerly curious, are you still appreciating the MWIF version more than Vassal? How has your experience been, generally?

Jassol -> RE: New player looking for opponent (12/11/2018 5:04:17 PM)

I haven't played WIF at vassal, my other game is a face to face one, with my physical copy. But I like MWIF, rules are enforced so you can't forget a single step or to check supply status and weather during movement and combat and that kind of things. Calculating combat odds, supply and resource lines, looking for available interceptors and returning bases and checking stacks (specially ships) are WAY easier with MWIF.

On the other hand you can't nicely ask your opponent to let you move a convoy you forgot at the end of the turn like you would in vassal. Those little mistakes in the past can't be corrected (unless you remake the entire turn, and that's a nightmare, because many things happen in a turn). In my game my opponent didn't know that he needed to keep a Russian Corps inside Poland until the conquest step of turn 1 to claim his part (passing through is enought in RAW), so whole Poland was completely conquest by Germany[8D].

headhoncho -> RE: New player looking for opponent (12/11/2018 5:12:12 PM)

HAHAHA, that's a great story, thanks! And thanks for your perspective, I appreciate it very much. :)

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