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SamSlitherine -> Strategic Command 1.13 Update available! (6/1/2018 12:58:33 PM)

Hi Everyone,

We have a new update available from the Members Area as well as from the Public Area

This update brings in lots of amendments to the campaigns, as well as a number of fixes.

It is also available via the 'Check for Updates' button on the launcher.

Please see the changelog below for changes.

-Fixed an exploit where if you turned on/off Weather it would re-apply maximum AP to any partially moved units.
-Fixed a RESOURCE strength calculation error that should have seen strength reduced when 2 enemy adjacent units were present. This did not happen if a player set a friendly MAJOR country to be controlled by the AI.
-Fixed a DECISION firing event error that did not see some end of the turn DECISIONS fire when a country was surrendering.
-Fixed a Submarine diving error that could possibly have the Sub dive off the accessible area of the map.
-Fixed a PBEM++ replay error that would sometimes show the wrong weather during the replay.
-Fixed an additional port control bug where there are multiple ports adjacent to a town/city and one port could switch over to the same control of the town/city but wasn't at the end of a turn.
-Fixed a rare CTD when moving or attempting to move units at the very top of the screen and under the strategic menu buttons located in the top middle of the screen.
-Fixed a sub diving display error that showed the new location of the sub prior to it diving when playing against the AI and during the AI turn.
-Fixed an AI Transport unit error that had the AI unloading Transports from Ports at strength < 5.
-Fixed an AI OFFENSIVE planning error where the AI would not attack Lithuania if it was not annexed by the USSR.
-A major power that is not yet at 100% mobilization will no longer have its research levels apply to the catch up bonus if applicable.
-Fighters and Carriers in Fighter mode will now have their escorts reduced by 1 point when performing a recon or any other fighter sweep.
-HQ air unit attachments optimized for the newer HQ attachment and supply rule changes introduced in v1.10 when using the 'Auto' and 'Auto-Assist' attachment setting.
-Custom sounds and music will now be checked first for SPLASH message screens in game.
-Added a REFRESH button to the PBEM++ Lobby screen and removed the automatic refresh that was activated every 30 seconds.


-The Neva River south of Leningrad converted from a River to a Major River to make it easier to defend the city.
-Tactical Bomber Build Limits reduced: USA, USSR and Germany 6 -> 5, Italy 3 -> 2.
-Medium Bomber Build Limited increased: USA, USSR and Germany 3 -> 4, Italy 1 -> 2.
-The USSR now starts with 1 chit invested in Anti-Tank Weapons in the 1939 campaign, and level 1 in the 1940 campaign.
-The cost of Diplomacy against a Major Power has been increased from 150 to 175 MPPs.
-MOBILIZATION_1 scripts amended to severely increase the penalties for an Axis declaration of war against Algeria: Vichy France, Tunisia and Syria will now swing 40-55% towards the Allies (it was previously 10-15% for the first two, and 20-35% for Syria).
-Additionally, a new MOBILIZATION_1 script has been added so that the USA will now swing 8-15% towards the Allies if the Axis declare war on Algeria.
-MOBILIZATION_1 script amended so that an Axis declaration of war against Yugoslavia will now swing Greece 30-45% towards the Allies (it was previously 10-15%).
-Pro-Allied Algerian UNIT script amended for when they join the Allies so that their Corps will deploy at strength 5 rather than 3.
-Spain must now have a pro-Axis leaning of 60% for DE 603 to fire.
-English and French language 1939 and 1940 campaigns corrected to ensure that the Half Strength Fighter arriving in the UK's Production Queue in August 1940 arrives with no research.
-Country ID corrected to Greece in the STRENGTH scripts #NAME= Greek Morale Is Boosted By The Presence Of British Troops In Greece, #NAME= Greek Morale Is Boosted By The Presence Of British Or US Troops In Greece
-In the Mobilization_1 scripts entitled #NAME= Axis DoW on Yugoslavia (Greece->Allies), #CONDITION= 120 [0] [1] changed to #CONDITION= 120 [1] [1].
-Condition Positions corrected for Axis Minors in the DECISION event #NAME= DE 623 - Germany: Continue through the Gibraltar Strait? (From West to East).

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