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Ironclad -> If only this was moddable. (5/28/2018 12:47:21 PM)

Its sometime now since I uninstalled BaB after exhausting those battle scenarios that were of interest to me so its probably nearly time for me to reinstall just to remind myself just how good a combat system it has.

Whilst not a modder myself I can recall that those who were commented that the game (particularly the map I think) greatly restricted modding possibilities which is such a shame when one sees the great number of scenarios provided by the community for other games (FOG 2 and Pike and Shot are just some that spring to mind). In the absence of any further expansions or indeed any word on them this would have presented a real opportunity to see the system in use with other ACW battles.

zakblood -> RE: If only this was moddable. (5/28/2018 1:27:06 PM)

the battles themselves can be modded, not a hard task, but maps are man made, so to re do a new map, is beyond my ability tbh, adding troops and alter deployment is quite simple, just editing etc and copy paste to re add stuff, but it's not the easier of editors as such, as there isn't really one, it's all done in editing files etc, so as long as backup are made, it's easy if you go wrong and revert back, but easy to rename or new name even etc and then it doesn't matter, but can only use the in game maps, unless you manually made your own, and that wouldn't be easy either.

one day we will get hopefully some more and a follow on

bazjak -> RE: If only this was moddable. (5/28/2018 3:36:02 PM)

We wish for a lot of things

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