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Les_the_Sarge_9_1 -> Finding Nemo (6/4/2003 8:16:51 AM)

Ok all you losers that insist on watching a nice fun movie and then applying your ANALytical approach to picking it apart.

Watched Finding Nemo tonight with my son.

If you want a really good laugh riot can't find anything to hate about it film, watch this one.

Hmm lets see realism....IT'S A CARTOON!!!

Plot ....IT'S A CARTOON!!

I plan on buying this one when it hits the dvd circuit, regardless if my son wants it or not (fortunately he does).

If you see this and don't like it, hmm get ready to hate children while you are at it, because you are obviously a miserable sob :)

Fallschirmjager -> (6/4/2003 8:39:17 AM)

Is it fair to say the quality of disney movies is going down?

Looks like it to me

Les_the_Sarge_9_1 -> (6/4/2003 8:30:30 PM)

Ok you asked the question.

Is it fair to say the quality is going down.

I would say a loud and resounding NO to that question.

And as I have seen all of the disney movies (having kids automatically ensures that hehe) I am in a position to state that emphatically.

Some films today possess sound tracks you can not stop enjoying.
Some films possess humour that is side splittingly funny.
The animation in todays kids films is getting excellent use out of the latest technology as well.

Sure not every film out there is actually a "Disney" film.

So I will revise my position here to be an opinion on "children's movies".

I have only seen one film I actually regretted as an adult. Rugrats in Paris. Now that is only, because as a parent, it had nothing in it for me. The film was an over rated tv episode nothing more. But my son enjoyed it, and in the end, that is usually supposed to be the point.

If you want to pick on movies and trends in movies, you are wasting your breath trying to convince any parents that children's movies are lacking substance these days.

If you want to pick on film, you will have to just settle for slagging adult level films.
Training Day for instance. It was dripping in overly excessive foul language which only detracted from its also incredibly lame direction. The films stars were unable to prevent me from turning the film off part way.

But to pick on Disney films, well just assume I am laughing at that one.

Louis Jones -> (6/12/2003 12:52:19 AM)

I love the seagulls in the film. Mine mine mine

AbsntMndedProf -> (7/13/2003 9:03:25 PM)

My question is, what does Disney have against mothers? So many Disney cartoon features start off with, or have the mother being killed off. :confused: :rolleyes:

Eric Maietta

dwesolick -> (7/13/2003 9:14:49 PM)

We took the kids (daughter 4, son 2) to see Nemo a couple weeks back and all of us loved it. The Pixar movies (Toy Story, Monster's Inc, etc) are generally superb. Great animation, great stories, and great humor (for kids and adults).

I was reminded, however, how lame many of today's other cartoons are when I recently watched (after many years) some of the classic Warner Bros cartoons from the 1940s-50s.

Foghorn Leghorn: "That dog, I say, that dog is strictly GI! ---'Gibbering Idiot', that is."

Leghorn: "Nice girl, but she's about as sharp as a sack of wet mice."

Great stuff:D

Les_the_Sarge_9_1 -> (7/14/2003 12:42:18 AM)

Yes cartoons come in three varieties these days it seems.

You have the obvious, that stuff on tv the kids are watching.

Then there is the stuff released in theatres, the feature stuff often dominated by Disney.

What a lot don't get to see though, is the stuff a few of us know as anime (calling it cartoons will annoy the easily annoyed anime fan though, the same way calling any military vehicle a tank might annoy us military crowd types).

Now tv type cartoons today seem bent on lowest possible quality in the drawing there of.
Cow and chicken might be funny if you merely listen to it, but the state of the image is lame in the extreme.
The more mainstream Simpsons is drawn better, but it's nothing compared to the cartoon art I grew up with.
I find some cartoons make the magic leap from atypical to truely funny occasionally though. Sponge Bob is actually funny.

The feature film stuff has awesome sound tracks in it in most cases.
If you are a dad, and can sit through the opening of Lion King dry eyed, then you are not as emotionally attached to your son as I am to mine.
The material being produced today, is in a lot of cases being made with a two layered humour approach. The kids hear all the jokes, but honestly, some of it is for the adults sitting their with the kids.
I rarely go to see a feature animation kids film reluctantly. I am increasingly suspecting they are not actually just being made as kids films lately. Finding Nemo was definitely just a good funny film any age group should be able to enjoy.

Anime though is only just gaining exposure outside of Japan and small niche fan circles. If your tv is on during a saturday morning, odds are you will see at least one of two "anime" shows.
But anime is not just Yugi Oh or Sailormoon or Pokemon. Actually the kids variety stuff is ther merest tip of the iceberg.

Although one reason anime doesn't make it to the mainstream circuit is content. In Japan they don't have trouble with what we north american prudes would call adult content. Considering what they allow on the set in real life video though it makes me scratch my head why.
In anime people DIE, and occasionally violently.
In anime girls actually have underwear on (although they might make that more apparent than necessary :)).
In anime girls have been known to remove their clothes (but you don't get to see anything in the mainstream offerings).

But additionally, in anime you also often get something neat, plot and continuity.
If you have never watched Bubblegum Crisis for instance, you have missed a great cyber punk science fiction series.

Anime is often as funny as most cartoons, but they do it with PEOPLE, not people shaped cute animals.

Given a choice, I would have to say I prefer feature films and anime. I would not miss the north american offerings much.
Shows like Simpson's why funny in some cases, seem to champion idiot parents and happy to be under achiever kids.

dwesolick -> (7/14/2003 1:27:14 AM)

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Les the Sarge 9-1
Shows like Simpson's why funny in some cases, seem to champion idiot parents and happy to be under achiever kids. [/B][/QUOTE]

Well (purely my opinion) but I don't even think of the Simpsons as a cartoon anymore. The characters are more 'real' than anything you'll find in sitcoms today (or in most old ones). Homer, Bart, Marge, Barney, Moe, etc....these sit in a pantheon all their own. The Simpsons (IMHO) is simply the best sitcom ever (Seinfeld a close second).

I know that the quality of the humor/writing has declined in recent seasons, but the early season shows are superb.


Les_the_Sarge_9_1 -> (7/14/2003 1:42:21 AM)

With time some things are lucky enough to evolve.

Numerous people have made celebrity appearances on the Simpsons, which is in and of itself a fairly big statement.

The show has had its cool episodes.

It wasn't until its 10th season though it came to be a longest running animation series. Unknown to many, the series Urusei Yatsura had 10 seasons in duration, and quite a few shows and films. It ran pre 90's though.

It is one of the more easy to find icons of anime when conducting a search.

dwesolick -> (7/14/2003 2:11:36 AM)

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Les the Sarge 9-1
[B] Urusei Yatsura [/B][/QUOTE]

Sounds like something that would require hospitalization! :D

Or maybe a Japanese DD. :)

Sorry, I know less than zero about anime. The bits and pieces that I've seen remind me vaguely of the old (but beloved, when I was a kid) Speed Racer shows. "Trixie, look out! It's Racer the Mach 5!!!":)

Les_the_Sarge_9_1 -> (7/14/2003 5:02:05 AM)

"Urusei Yatsura" is loosely translated from Japanese as "Those Obnoxious Aliens".

tiredoftryingnames -> (7/14/2003 10:15:29 PM)

Disney got their name on this one but it's Pixar's baby. Just like Toy Story and Monster's Inc they entertain kids and adults because they are funny with the animations even though kids don't get most of the hidden jokes. Disney is a dinosaur with their traditional cartoons. I don't have kids. I watch Pixar movies with the wife for entertainment an to laugh. I watch Disney movies with friends who have kids. They always have a character or two that steals the movie from the others, but there is all that annoying singing and it just doesn't appeal to me like Pixar's movies do.

Les_the_Sarge_9_1 -> (7/14/2003 10:44:11 PM)

There are some that say that now that Walt is good and dead, a lot of Disney creations are being done in ways he would never have allowed.

Interestingly enough, the same was said about Roddenbury.

I don't actually mind the songs in the more in your face traditional Disney films.
But I think the recent films we have been seeing come out are a reflection of fresh blood in the industry as well.

It's ok to make an animated movie that isn't over your eyeballs in icky sweet wholesome goodness occasionally.

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