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chrisp -> End of Scenario View (5/23/2018 6:31:00 PM)

Hey, at the end of a scenario, is there any way too reveal the location of all the units in the game? So I can see where that pesky submarine really was?

Chris P

Gunner98 -> RE: End of Scenario View (5/23/2018 7:59:11 PM)

Save file

Open in editor mode


mikkey -> RE: End of Scenario View (5/23/2018 8:14:14 PM)

Yes, if you play in the Scenario Editor mode, just turn on Editor -> God's Eye view (Ctrl + V). If you do not play in Scenario Editor mode, save the game and run it in Scenario Editor mode and turn on God's eye view or you can switch between sides.

edit: ups Gunner98 was quicker[8D]


chrisp -> RE: End of Scenario View (5/24/2018 3:13:13 PM)


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