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SamSlitherine -> Pandora updates! (5/23/2018 9:54:55 AM)

Hello All,

We have two Pandora updates for you!

The first update, v1.6.7, is exclusively for those with the Eclipse of Nashira expansion. It is available to download from the Public Download Area as well as the Members Area

This update primarily deals with the overopportunistic dogpiling behaviour AI empires used to show in the past. AIs will be much friendlier towards players who pose no threat and now need an actual reason to attack you other than seeing you already are troubled with other factions.

Improvements to the AI across the board and its focus to play to win have have made it frustrating to play on easier difficulties. Today's update should be a good start to make easy and very easy difficulties more manageable and enjoyable.

For a full list of all the changes please refer to the attached changelog.

The second update, v1.4.5, is only available to those with just the base game. It is available from the Public Download Area and Members Area.

Among the changes are:

Fixed crash when researching Nukes with French localization active.

Fixed issues with Steam overlay on Linux.

Changed fullscreen modes to use OpenGL scaling instead of changing the display resolution. This also fixes Mac OS X fullscreen issues.

DonCzirr -> RE: Pandora updates! (7/22/2019 5:16:40 AM)

Was Steam updated with this patch?

I gave up on this game long ago but the changes mentioned in this thread sound promising ....

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