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miller7219 -> Bombing Altitude - Bombsight (5/20/2018 7:58:21 PM)

Does bombing altitude effect accuracy of dumb munitions in CMNAO? Does it make a difference to accuracy if you drop a Mk82 LDGP at 36k feet vs. 12k feet? I noticed when you assign a strike with F1 the AI flies out and drops munitions at 36k feet. Does the technology level of the bombsight allow better accuracy at higher altitudes? Would a modern F-16 have better accuracy than say an A-4 bombing at different altitudes with dumb munitions.

Seems like my dumb munitions miss by 300-800 feet every time. Curious as to what factors CMNAO models regarding accuracy of dumb munitions.

Raptorx7_slith -> RE: Bombing Altitude - Bombsight (5/20/2018 8:24:09 PM)

Altitude has a huge impact on bomb dispersion, and yes I believe aircraft that have better bomb computing systems in them are more accurate. You can see what kind of bombing systems a unit has in its description.

miller7219 -> RE: Bombing Altitude - Bombsight (5/20/2018 8:38:07 PM)

I guess I'm confused as to why no matter what aircraft is flying the auto attack AI (F1) always climbs to 36k feet to drop dumb munitions like the Mk82. I'd like it to recognize that based on the technology of the bombsight (and maybe some other factors too that might be modeled) that 12k or 6k feet would give the best accuracy and attack there instead of always 36k feet.

That being said, if I manually control a dumb munitions strike. What would be accuracy factors to consider when deciding what drop altitude to employ? What would be the suggested drop altitude for an F-16 or A-4, for example, to achieve the best accuracy in CMANO?

Gunner98 -> RE: Bombing Altitude - Bombsight (5/20/2018 8:54:34 PM)

You're best to chose your own attack altitude because you know what the Air Defence situation over the target area is. If you have detected AAA or SAMs, you should chose an altitude that they cannot reach if possible, or failing that, make a judgement call on what is the safest altitude for you aircraft to approach from.

By using a strike mission, the AC will adopt their assigned loadout profile. Many aircraft will have several loadout profiles for the same munitions.

Next check the weather. Dropping dumb bombs from above the cloud layer is a sure fire way of missing the target.

Check the minimum and maximum altitude for release of the weapon - generally the lower the better - unless there are defences.

Technology also has a huge impact.

If you haven't gone through the Strike tutorials, they might help you understand the many variables that need to be considered. This is a critical question, and part of the art of the game.


FlyForLenin -> RE: Bombing Altitude - Bombsight (5/20/2018 9:05:19 PM)

It does effect accuracy.

I was playing a scenario with Tu-4s over Korea, and dropping 500kg bombs from 10000 meters yielded no hits, while coming in at 600 meters got direct hits.

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