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MrLongleg -> Operazione E as British - One sided affair (5/20/2018 12:04:41 AM)

Today I spent the day to try a longer scenario with desert war 1.0.1. I played "Operazione E" on the British side against normal AI. The game was engaging and fun, but not really challenging. It must be a lot better when played against a human. The AI had the right idea by trying to outflank me in the south, but not fast enough. After turn 13 the 7th Armored division and an Indian division became unfrozen and I encircled and completely destroyed the spearhead division of the flanking group. The Italians never controlled a single victory point and I only lost one recce platoon, worth 7 points. In detail the AI did a lot of suicidal attacks and was not able to concentrate forces for an attack in a proper way.

Another thing I noticed that it only used its air force to attack, no counter air and no interdiction. I on the other hand permanently used interdiction so that the AI ran out of ammunition in the last third of the game. The AI also did not properly protect its HQ's, so that I could take out quite a few of them.

I noticed a couple glitches, don't know if that works as intended:

- in the Solum area the Brits were on the bottom side of the escarpment. When the Italians moved units on the top they were ambushed by the troops on the bottom. That does not really make sense, since it is not possible to move over the compartment. I could see the Italians ambushing Brits on the bottom of the escarpment, but not the other way around. Maybe ZOC and ambushes should not be possible on hex edges that do not allow movement.

- when killing HQ's they do not fully disappear, see my error report. Work around is to save game and reload.

- I loved the film at the end. It should be possible to save that.

- so shock shifts make sense in artillery only attacks or air only attacks?

The mechanics of the game are great and solid. I can imagine that it must be quite hard tom program a decent AI for that game. Therefore I am looking forward to some online play. Any volunteers out there?

No victory screen shot since uploads are limited to 200K ;-(. Points at the end 7 Axis, 655 Allies.

bcgames -> RE: Operazione E as British - One sided affair (5/22/2018 5:23:09 AM)


...I loved the film at the end. It should be possible to save that...

Yep, that's a very good idea.

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