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Daniele -> CMANO 1.14.3 Update - Changelog (5/10/2018 10:16:07 AM)

Hi everybody,

Command Modern Air Naval Operations series has been updated to version 1.14.3

You can download the link from here

CMANO 1.14.3 changelog

FIXED: Lua bug that occurs on 1% of intel updates on "The Enemy Below"
FIXED: Not being able to progress TSS campaign after reaching the pass-score on scen #4
FIXED: Campaign name not showing up for "The Silent Service" when browsing campaign saves
FIXED: Torpedo hitting a sub 1000ft deeper
FIXED: Deployed RVs from MRV-armed ICBM (not MIRV-armed) are treated as ICBMs, causing a silent null crash
FIXED: ASW helos evaluate wrong parameter, preventing them from deploying dipping sonar on ASW Strike missions
FIXED: Prevent helicopters from chasing after subs under ice
FIXED: Sea Control mission adds and drops targets continously
FIXED: Mission Editor Assigned Units display issue
FIXED: DB Viewer launch altitude errors
FIXED: Submarines operating on the surface were not able to use radar/ESM/periscope at high speed
FIXED: Right-clicking on unit, while DB viewer is already open, prevents the context menu from appearing
FIXED: When re-selecting the same unit, don't re-load the DB viewer window if it's already open
FIXED: Ship condition in dock not being retained between saves
FIXED: Campaign description not being editable as HTML
FIXED: "Campaign" window slow to show up when numerous campaign-save files are present
FIXED: RTB/Called-off problem for helicopters landing on ships
FIXED: Repeating POSSUB messages if sub has been destroyed but torpedoes are still present
FIXED: SM-6 going autonomous is going dumb because it is targeted at a surface ship
FIXED: Winchester/Shotgun check is not evaluating mount damage
FIXED: #12303 - "Primary Stores for Loadout Not Available" message when changing loadouts, despite "Unlimited Base Magazines" feature enabled
Tweaks to submarine dive/climb rates (they now partially depend on true-water speed, so e.g. a sub at high speed will rise faster)
AI tweak: Do not re-check bingo state of members when evaluating slow-down due to Bingo
UI tweak: Notify player (through message log) when sub forcefully dives due to threat
UI tweak: Added "Filter-out" and "Mark Position" to the Contacts Tool-Strip
UI tweaks to ORBAT window:
- Positioned Group/Mission to top of nodes.
- Added +/- keys to expand/collapse nodes
[Lua] Added method to set the current scenario's date & time (ScenEdit_SetTime)
[Lua] Added "GetLoadout" method
[Lua] Added .hostFacility property to unit wrapper
[Lua] You can now apply a delta template via SE_UpdateUnit (Example: ScenEdit_UpdateUnit({guid='2cd64757-1b66-4609-ad56-df41bee652e5',mode='delta',file='new.ini'}))
[Lua] Added property "DesiredHeading" on Lua ActiveUnit wrapper and on AddUnit/SetUnit parameters (This solves the issue where static facilities placed via Lua will always rotate to North even if explicitly placed with another heading).
[Lua] Added method GetBuildNumber that returns the current exe build version. Scen authors can use this info to alter Lua logic depending on feature availability.
[Lua] Added method "SE_UpdateUnitCargo"
SBR: Added any unit damage to the delta template.
Allow player to manually force a sub to go over the wire-breakage speed when guiding torpedoes
Various performance tweaks

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