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Desertmole -> CAP Question (5/10/2018 3:29:41 AM)

I have been trying my usual tactic with my CAP, but something is working differently. I will normally select Escort at 60% and at max altitude for the aircraft. In the past, I usually see 10-11 aircraft out of 18 on CAP. Now I consistently get 4-5 on CAP getting killed in the intercept phase. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? Any suggestions on tactics?
Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Mobeer -> RE: CAP Question (5/10/2018 6:59:36 PM)

Those are the settings I normally use too and they seem ok, except I set altitude much lower - about 12,000.

There are various checks on leadership, morale etc - I forget the details but think they are in the manual. Maybe your ships have been at sea too long, taken losses, etc?

Desertmole -> RE: CAP Question (5/13/2018 1:37:45 AM)

I am getting this right our the gate, but it seems to happen even with units that are full strength, have a good commander and no fatigue. I'll try the lower altitude. Thanks!

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